Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Belated birthday

I've been planning all along to do a blog shout out to my older brother, Jeff, on his birthday. My bad... Due to stressfull work situation last week, I totally failed to do so. Today's post is all for my brother!

There's only 3 kids in our family. My older brother Jeff, me and my younger brother, Jerry. Jeff is five years older than me and he's truly a big brother to look up to. Actually my husband points this out to me, how lucky I am to have such a good role model growing up.

Even my mom said so, how Jeff was such a great kid and so mature for his age that back then even she sometime forgot that he was just a kid. :) Yeah, Jeff was the one who put the fear of smoking in me. Back then, my mom would save her money and got him all these encyclopedia book (I think he wants to be a doctor since he was in diaper..., LOL), and from one of the book he showed me this picture of smoker's lung. Hmm... for someone who's easily disgusted with yucky images, that image stuck with me. I was maybe 5?? Yep, never once even try to smoke cigarette because of that. :)

Looking back, as much as I got mad at him when he was bossy (teenage years), I have to say besides my parents, my  brother helped shapes who I am today. He's my mom's helper in watching us. I just want him to know that I appreciate all his good examples. He's a quiet guy, except when all of us together, he can gets very goofy and I love that.

So, no cards for today's post. Just a belated birthday blog-shout-out to my older brother who I love dearly and appreciated so very much. I don't get to see my brothers that often, but they're close to my heart always. Jeff, happy, happy birthday. May all your wishes come true and I am so lucky to have you as my big brother! Love ya, Ling.

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jo said...

Happy birthday to your brother! :)


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