Tuesday, May 4, 2010

CPS 165

First, I'd like to welcome my new followers. Thank you so much for following my blog and I want you to know that I appreciated each and everyone of you. I hope you'll enjoy visiting and browsing my blog. :)

About a month ago, I saw this cute, cute dragon on flickr and I fall in love with it immediately. I contacted the card owner to find out where can I get that stamp. Low and behold, I have to get it all the way from Belgium. My 1st order ever fom Belgium. Yes, I wanted the stamps so badly and the owner of the store was so kind. She gave me the code for the free shipping special that they offerred at the time. And it arrived within a week.

Peeps, meet Smookie (and please, don't get it mix up with Snooky from Jersey Shore). This Smookie is adorable! :)

For this card I used CPS sketch # 165. I love this sketch and so happy I can finally use Smookie. I cannot believe that I had this stamp for a month before I actually use it. Considering I ordered it as soon as I found out where I can get it. I still have another one that still brand new in a package.

Yep, I am dealing with health issue again.  So, it's been a bit if a struggle to be creative when you're feeling dizzy or nauseous a lot of time. And no, I am not pregnant. Have many people asking me that. I wish that was why I am not feeling good lately, but unfortunately that's not the case. Still trying to figure out what's wrong.

Meanwhile, I am just happy I can make good card again. I haven't been too happy with the cards I made lately. Maybe I am just too harsh on myself?? Well, I hope you like the card today. And, also I want to give a big thank you to Nancy for her lovely card that I received in the mail. You're the best Nancy!!

Hugs, Vera.


Kathy Martin said...

Darling card! :)

Elisa said...

Well worth all the trouble. He's so so cute!

jo said...

Too cute!

KymKreates said...

wow he is a cute one and well worth the trip from Belgium!!!


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