Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Wedding To Remember

Hi all. Are you ready for some wedding pictures and super long post? I sure took a bunch of pictures at my brother's wedding and was only able to share a few some blog post ago. I am finally get the pics sort out (LOL, kind off as there were hundreds) and below is a bit more detailed story of the wedding.

Anyway, for those who come here for card, let me share my card for Some Odd Girl Spring Release. Today we're introducing Shy Kaylee and Shy Mae. I really admire Kristy's skill in drawing the sweet & fun images of all the Odd girls. They're simply cute & fun to play with.

As usual,I am keeping the design simple and let the image shine. You can see more samples of the sweet shy girls HERE.

Now, let's get on to the wedding story, shall we. I have to say this was the best wedding I've ever attended. And the location... simply ah-mazing. The wedding took place at Khayangan Estate, Uluwatu, Bali. Gorgeous place that consist of 6 villas (3 for groom side and 3 for bride side) and 2 family villas for each side. The place sit high on a cliff that allow you to enjoy beautiful sunrise and sunset every day.

Here's a pic of the area where the wedding ceremony took place. You can click on the pic to view it in larger size. If you see the note behind the chairs, you could see that for the bride size they have the music note symbol and for the groom the camera symbol. This is so perfect for them. Because many of the family member on the bride's side is blessed with amazing voice. Including the bride herself, who's very well known for her skill in singing all kind of genre. Fun fact, she was the first Indonesian artist to win an Asia MTV Award.

And for the groom side, it's also perfect because many member of his family are crazy about photography. Granted the groom is the best photographer among us, but we're all just as obsessed. Really our side of the family should buy stock in Canon.

All the flowers were Bali local flowers and all sewn together by the florist on site.

Next, is pic of the beautiful bride as she's getting ready to walk down the aisle. Isn't she just gorgeous? But, what I love most about her is her sense of humor and of course the way she makes my brother so very happy. A sister couldn't ask for a better partner for her brother than someone who makes her brother happy & so in love. :) All the professional wedding pic was taken by Max from Moire Studio, who used to intern for my brother.

Her dress makes me appreciate the talent of Indonesian's designer.  

The dress, the veil is stunning. It took my breath away when I first saw her.

While the bride is getting ready, the groom is hanging out with the family and we took this opportunity to take this pic. Growing up, every year my mom always took pic of the 3 of us just like this. I like to call it the "M" pic since me, being the shortest create the M shape. :)

Jeff, Vera, Jerry

My little brother and me is only 11 months apart and I think no matter how old we are, I'd always feel very protective of him. Yeah, go figure... since he's definitely could take care of himself better than I could take care of myself. Anyway, since we were kids, if I see him cry, somehow it makes me cry, too. Whether it's happy thing or sad thing. On this occasion, it's the happy thing. Here he's when he's saying his vow to always love his bride in a simple way, to grow old  together, and to still holding hands even after they're all wrinkly of old age. Both of their vows were wonderfully stated & so meaningful.

The Wirianta family. The only ones missing were my dad (who I am sure was watching us
from heaven) & hubby who couldn't come.

After the ceremony (please scroll down to previous post to see pic of the Mr. &Mrs) we had lunch and in the afternoon, we did the tea ceremony honoring our Chinese tradition. It basically introducing the bride & groom to each other family & extended family. And for the family to welcome the new member, honoring them, & accepting the responsibilities to always be there for them in good times & bad times.

Below, is a pic of the beautiful Balinese dancers, who welcome everyone with a beautiful dance at the wedding reception later that night.

The Balinese dancers in the traditional Balinese costume.

Me & my beautiful mom who I think looks so stunning that day.

Here's a look at the wedding reception place just before sunset. I simply love the blue, green, and white combo of the whole atmosphere.

The two pics below are a couple of my favorites. The big laugh on their face truly show their happiness and really reflect them as a couple. They're a couple who loves life & loves laughing together. I mean, these 2 people when they laugh they really laugh out loud. Not holding anything back. Just enjoy & live the moment. I feel like my heart swell with so  much love & happiness seeing this pic.

I simply love, love, love this pic of their first dance. The sparklers on the background, the way my brother look at his bride... sigh... beautiful moment. He even told me, you know, when I closed my eyes when I danced with her, everything else disappear, and there's only us. Nothing else. My brother & his bride... they both could be rock & roll on the outside, but on the inside these two are such a softie & romantic at heart.

The reception was such a blast, filled with sweet moments & beautiful surprises. There were slides of the bride & grooms travel pics (these two travel A LOT). Beautiful & funny speech from my older brother, Jeff, who's also the best man. The bride surprised her husband with a special order cake topper that showing the scene of how they met (he was taking her pic for his photography book In My Room) and she had  the original singer of Jerry's favorite song, Welcome to My Paradise, sang the song at the wedding. This guy is Indonesia's version of Bob Marley. Super fun guy who totally gets the party going.

The groom surprised his bride with a short video of them, starting from babies to high school (that includes some fab hairdos moment), to how they met, when he proposed to her at the Empire State Building to now becoming Mr. &Mrs. Aurum Wirianta.

It was beautiful, fun, memorable, & unforgettable. Most importantly they were sharing their joy with those they love. It's truly a joyous occasion.

My older brother Jeff, the groom Jerry, the bride Dena, me, my mom, &ny SILRegina.

This last pic was the only moment we were able to sneak in to take a family pic at the reception. The bride looks stunning in red, which by the way in Chinese tradition is the right color, as red symbolize happiness. I danced the night away and the whole evening I remember thinking how lucky and how blessed I am to be born into my family.

I love my family above everything else in this world. Of all the blessings I have received, I am most thankful that I have such loving & supportive family. And I am so happy and grateful that I was able to attend & share this moment. 

Are you still here with me?Awesome! Thank you. :) Your eyes hurt, yet? Sorry for the long post. I just want to share this important moment with you all and I hope you enjoy the post. Thank you so much for all your lovely wishes & I wish you all a wonderful day filled with many blessings.


Laurel said...

Such a sweet card and beautiful wedding photos!

CinnamonSally said...

The wedding photos are absolutely stunning!!

AnitaRex said...

I love this post Vera! I read everything and clicked the pictures to see it bigger! :> What an amazing wedding! So happy you had such a great time!

Vicky said...

What a lovely post Vera! Thank you so much for sharing all those photos and details about the wedding! i've enjoyed every line! Amazing wedding! All the best to the couple!

Alice Wertz said...

love the fun and simple design of your card, so cute! and you have such a beautiful family, Vera! really enjoyed seeing and reading this post. so sweet and heartwarming. =) thanks for sharing!

Trinh said...

I'm so glad you shared these pics with us, Vera. What a fabulous wedding!

~amy~ said...

sweet card and super gorgeous pics Vera...WOW!!!

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

Wow!!! Beautiful pictures and what a beautiful wedding! Your family is just beautiful beautiful beautiful! Thanks for sharing this with us!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

SUPER fab card---but I have to say that those wedding pictures took my breath away! WOOOOOOOW! I wish I was there! Beautiful pics of everyone!

Levana Sunandar said...

Vera, i did not that he is your brother until you post this. I often saw his face, especially on television. I hope that his marriage will be happy and long lasting. happy for you and your family..

Susan said...

beautiful pictures w/a loving story; thank you for sharing your family's event long lasting


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