Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mom

Today, my mom is celebrating her 72nd birthday. Will you help me and wish my mom a very happy birthday? I think it will make her tickle pink. :)

My mom is definitely the most influential people in my life. Of course, growing up we butt head a lot. What teenager don't butt head with their parents, right? But, I always want to be like her in a sense that she's a strong, confident woman. She doesn't care what people think. She speaks her mind. Yes, she can be too blunt sometimes, but with her what you see is what you get. No pretense. We still butt head now & then, too.

I often wonder if I could be even half as good as she is. I always thought I am the opposite of my mom. I was super shy and struggled with self confidence. Used to always worried of saying the wrong thing, worried about what other people think. Only as I mature, that I can proudly say that I do have quite a bit of her in me.

I am glad that I can say I have her compassion toward others, that in my way I am strong as well (and this in my opinion only because I have her as my rock), we both believe in the attitude of gratitude, and I definitely have her stubbornness. All her 3 kids are very stubborn people.

Yep, all her 3 kids have that attitude when someone say we can't do something, we tend to try our hardest to prove them wrong. There are many other little things that often makes me say, geez, I am truly my mom's daughter.

To this day, she always consider herself just a regular mom and not the amazing mom that her kids say she is. She's not perfect, but she's the best mom I could ask for. I find it rare to find a parent that allow their kids to speak their mind even when it's about the parents. She allow us to criticize her if we think she's wrong, she encourage us to explore, try new things, find ourselves and at the same time let us know that no matter what she'll always there for us. Even when we do things she doesn't agree with. I know that everything she did since we were born were all for us.

So, to my mom, I thank you for being my mom. I love you and no words can express how grateful I am to be raised by you.

Now, personal notes to my mom done, let's move to card. :) I made this card using my most recent and old i {heart} papers goodies.

The fun border is from Mint Motifs Beyond Borders and the sentiment is from Reverse Confetti Count Your Rainbows set. I love the clean look and fresh color of this card. Oh, for a little accent I added a couple enamel dots.

Well, that's it from me today. Wishing you all a blessed Friday and once again.... happy birthday, Mom!!


Lisa's Creative Niche said...

Happiest of birthdays to your mom!

Chark said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope this is your best year yet! As my mom says, getting older isn't for sissies, but it beats the alternative. How lucky you are that your daughter looks up to you!

GrĂ¡ O'Neill said...

Hope Your Mom has a lovely birthday!

whoistracy said...

Hope your mom has a great birthday!!

Trinh said...

Hope your mom has the best birthday! Great card & tribute to your mom, Vera!

Mary-Anne V said...

Wonderful tribute to your Mom. Wishing her the happiest of birthdays!

Susan F. said...

A very happy birthday to your Mom!

robinann17 said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to your mom! May this year bring her joy and peace. A lovely tribute from a very creative daughter...your card is so cheerful and positive. Thanks for sharing! Robin

Trina said...

Happy birthday to your mom!!

Becki with an i blog said...

Happy Birthday Mom! Hope it was filled with memories.

Wida said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful mom! :)


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