Monday, August 6, 2018

You Color My World

Hi peeps. Happy Monday. Today I want to share this card that I made inspired by the classsic View Master toy. I remember loving this toy & always have fun viewing the various reel.

I actually made this card long time ago for a submission & I realized that I never share this card. Can't let that happen, right? 

I cut the circle using Silhouette Cameo and then I traced out all the opening, so I know where to stamp my images. I love Panda, maybe because when I was growing up the most famous panda back then was named Lingling. Same as my name. :) So, for this one I used Mama Elephant Pandamonium & they're are just perfect for the opening.

Looking at some classic toys, I can't help but wonder if kids nowadays still know these toys. I think our kids this day spend so much time on gadgets & are missing out on a lot of classic toys that feed your imagination & sense of wonder. Maybe I am old school in certain way. Hah!

Well peeps, that's all from me today. May your weeks starts off wonderfully. Cheers....


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Shelly said...

So happy you shared! LOOOVE this!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

JUST Adorable!!!!!!!!!!

Andrea Hastilow said...

So magical ! You are right, today's kids need to play more with toys & imagination than gadgets. I am old school & kept my View Master & shared it with my three children, they i bed it & loved being able to control their own stories with it . Thank you for sharing.


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