Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year...

Happy New Year, everyone!! Hope you all had a great time welcoming the New Year. We had a pretty quiet New Year's eve. Went to Galveston in the afternoon for my MIL's late birthday celebration, then we swing by Joy's place for an hour or so. By ten at night, we were home and comfortably watching TV and I welcomed the New Year with my mom, my hubby, and our 4 legged babies, Nick, Ollie, & Coco the hedgehog. :)

On top of the Christmas hustle and bustle, my MIL and my mom both have their birthday close to each other, right after Christmas. So, this past month, I've been busy working on an album for each of them. For my MIL, I made an 8x8 scrapbook and for my mom I made an 11X8.5 scrapbook. The one for my mom was kind of hard for me to work on it without her knowing. She comes all the way from Indonesia and I don't want to just ignoring her by keep working on the album. Besides, she'll get suspicious. :) One night, hubby also get involved and keep her company and watch Hotel for Dogs with her, just so I can finished up the album. Love my hubby. So... thoughful and kind. :) Like my mom said, I am very lucky.

My mom's album is basically about her trip to the US this time (except for the cover page & I put one of my favorite poem about mother). So, I printed out the photos from Thanksgiving and our Disneyworld trip and just make a pretty simple album. I decided simple but done is better than fancy but only 2 pages done. Here's a couple of the pages from the album. (I actually tried to load 5 pages,  but somehow the other 3 keep coming up the wrong way).

Well, things still a bit hectic, but one of my New Year's resolution is to maintain my blog more consistently.  Hopefully, I can do much better this year. And, I do like to domore scrapbooking this year. My boxes of photos is growing and I better catch up.

Here's to 2010. May this year be filled with joy, peace, happiness and beautiful  blessings for all of you. Thank you all for your support and kindness. This blog is keep going and growing because of you all.


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Diana said...

Very nice album. Thanks for sharing! Project 365 over at my blog. Check it out.


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