Friday, May 22, 2015

Sweet Occasions!

I am so excited, when I saw the latest Purple Onion Designs that are being released this week. They're simply adorable! Be ready for a bunch of cuteness.

To start the release party, on my end, I am playing with "Happy" the smiling bear and combine it with balloons & streamers and confetti on the background.

Here's the close up of my card, so you can see the soft purple color confetti that I stamped on the card base.

Now, nothing makes new release more exciting than some giveaway, right? Both Purple Onion Designs and Stacey Yacula are doing giveaway of the entire release on their blog. Go check out their blogs & you have till midnight Sunday, May 24 to leave comment to be entered for the giveaway.

On top of that, some of the DT girls also doing mini giveaway. Including yours truly. I am giving away Happy, Balloons & Streamers and Confetti. To enter the giveaway simply leave a comment here and let me know, which image is your favorite from this release. You have till midnight CST Sunday, May 24, to leave a comment. Winner will be announced on Monday, May 25,2015.

Hope you enjoy the new releases! Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Birthday Wishes From The Herd

I was going to share more pic from our trip on today's post, but I am behind on sorting the pics out. As you can imagine, hubby and I were snap happy during our vacation, so now I have to sort out and dwindle down the amount of pics we have. Only keep the good ones. :)

Am hoping to get that done by this weekend. Meanwhile, for today, I want to share this cute, CAS card featuring... what else.... the farm critters, of course! Hah... I hope you're not sick of them, yet.

What can I say, these cuties just pull me and ask me to play with them. :)And, I kind of obsessed with this MFT cross-stitched rectangle dies. I want to use them for every card. Maybe because I used to love doing cross stitched? Or maybe simply because it add just the perfect amount of texture & design? I just love them. Safe to say this become one of my favorite basic dies.

That's all from me today. By the way, tomorrow we'll be unveiling new releases from Purple Onion Designs. And... I'll be doing a giveaway as well. So, come back tomorrow. See you then. :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Herd You Had A Birthday

If earlier, I have a them challenge from SugarPea Designs, now I have a sketch challenge from My Favorite Things for you. Here's the fun sketch:

And, here's my interpretation of the sketch. I switch the triangle with circle. I like circle better. Hah!

I sure do love this farm critters. How much you wanna bet that you'll see more of them. LOL. 

For more ideas and inspirations, please checkout what my team mates has created for this challenge at MFT Challenge Blog. Thank you for stopping by here. Since, I have 2 post today already I'll continue my Italy story on the next post. It's my favorite part, so I am really excited to share it with you.

Hey Dude!

Hi peeps! Time for new SugarPeas Design challenge. This week, it's all about the "dude" in our life. It could be for your other half, your son, nephew, etc.

I often find making masculine card challenging. Luckily, for this challenge I have the new Tee-rific set that's perfect for my hubby. He hasn't play much golf lately, but this is the one sport that he really loves. So, here's my card for him.

Gah... This penguin is such a cutie patootie, isn't it? I know, this card is more on the cute side and not super manly, but hey... my hubby always appreciate my card for him. Whether it's cute or serious looking. Hah! Now, how about checking out what the other SugarPeas have created for this challenge? Please go HERE. I'll be back in a couple hours with more card. See you then. :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Til The Cows Come Home & Italy Part 2

Hi peeps. I have more travel stuff to share, but, before I continue sharing more travel pic, I want to first share a project. This way, if you're not interest in the travel stuff, you don't have to scroll down long. :)

Before I left for my trip, I ordered My Favorite Things The Whole Herd set. As you know, animal stamp set & me is like peanut butter and jelly ( although, surprisingly, I don't do pbj. I do peanut butter with chocolate sprinklers). Hah... So, when I got home, this cuties already waited for me. I love love, love this set.

It's been a while since I do card with stacked animal. I have to say, this sentiment is my favorite from the set. It just sounds fun. :) You can rest assure, I'll be sharing more cards using this set.

Now, let's continue with the travel stuff. For our 2nd stop in Italy,we took the train from Milan to Venice. When we got out from the train station, I kind of pinching myself. Wow, we are actually in Venice. :)

You immediately see the water. And the tourists. This place was crowded! Luckily, our little apartment is located on a more quiet side of Venice. The sidewalk to the right on the pic below was the way to our apartment. As you can see, not too many people.

On the way to our apartment.

Our typical vacation involves lots of walking. We don't really do the lounging kind of thing. I got this from my family. When we vacation, we try to see as many things as possible. So, needless to say, as soon as we checked in, we got ready and started exploring.

Wandering around Venice, you can't help thinking if these walls could talk. Can you just imagine the history, the story behind them? Somehow the cracked wall, the chipped off paint add so much character and artistry to the buildings. I can't help wanting to keep snapping picture.

We didn't get to do the gondola. I asked hubby if it's important to experience it or not, considering the cost. They are not cheap. We both decided, it's not something that's important for us, so we skip it. We use the water bus instead. Much, much cheaper.

Seeing Venice, I could see, why photographers love this place. There's so many hidden and obvious beauty. Makes me wish I have my brother with me, because he sees those hidden thing through his lens.

The entrance at St. Mark

My favorite part, is when we get lost and found the quiet area. I think this is when you get to experience the real Venice. Besides, on the crowded area, whenever you want to take picture, all you got is people. It's hard to capture the beauty of the place when there's too many people.

I shudder to think that this is not even the peak, yet. They said in June or July it's even more crowded. I am like, um... no thank you. Big crowd overwhelm me.

And, in Venice we got our first chance to wash our clothes. Hubby was a bit surprised at first that there's no dryer. Me, I grew up with no dryer. It's normal. Anyway, when we found the place to hang clothes, I do have to wonder, how do the small people do it?

It's out of the window from our bedroom. I couldn't reach it enough where I can pull and move the rope. I could if I climbed on a chair and risk falling out the 3rd floor window. Hah! So, hubby got the job to hang the clothes. And, thank goodness for the translation app on my I-phone. I would have just guess what the word on the washer meant without it.

Laundry day!

As far as food, I personally find the food in Venice a bit disappointing. Except for the 1st night, hubby cooked for dinner instead. So, very thankful that I have a husband who doesn't mind cooking. Especially, since his wife not a cook at all. 

On our 2nd day, we took a  boat tour (again, cheaper than a gondola) and that was awesome. Nothing like seeing Venice from the water way and learning the history of it at the same time.

View of Venice from the boat tour.
For our last day, we took the water bus to visit Murano & Burano. Murano is famous for their glass work. And, yes, they are amazing! Hubby and I are both interested in glass making. We could sit for hours watching them working their magic with the glass.

It's so hard to resist the glass work. So many beautiful ones. What help with our decision was the fact that we each travel with only a carry-on luggage. We know before hand, that with the places we plan to visit, carrying big luggage is not practical. Am actually pretty proud that I packed 12 days worth of clothes in 1 carry-on. :) So, with limited space, we focus only getting a small stuff.

Glass art at Murano

Of course, hubby and I are always on the look out for pug. Well, low & behold, hubby found the 1 store that carry some glass pugs. We didn't see any other store carrying them. So, one tiny glass pug made its way home with us. Yay! :)

From Murano, we hop on to Burano, a place that's famous for its lace work. I was more excited over the colorful houses though. I was like a kid in a candy store. As you know, I love, love, loooveee colors.

The colorful Burano

Arent' these houses look so cute and fun? I think it's the location, too. Because, I think if I seen this at other place, I wouldn't have think of them as cute. Sigh... it must be Italy. The atmosphere just make it beautiful. ;)

Well, peeps, that's a pretty long post. I hope you enjoy the post and the pics. The 3rd installment would be all about our favorite place, Cinque Terre. I am looking forward to sharing the place with you. Stay tune and thank you for visiting. Cheers..

Monday, May 18, 2015

Italy Part 1

Hi peeps. Finally, back to normal, to un-scheduled blogging. :) Today, I am sharing about our travel. Besides paper crafting, travel is another passion of mine. I love traveling, I love experiencing other culture, history, etc. Since I was a little kid, I am always especially fascinated with Europe. Something just pull me towards it. But, of course, I also have Australia & New Zealand on my bucket list.

Recently I finally get to check off Italy from my travel bucket list. Of course, we haven't seen all of it, so, there's still excuse to go back. I think, Italy is definitely one of those country that you cannot go just once. :)

I also want to share a little tip to help cut cost for travel. Get a Chase United credit card. My boss taught us this. Using the point we collected, were' able to get our tickets for free, which open our budget for accommodation, food, etc. Another tip, if your travel date can be flexible, pick the date when the mileage award/points are on sale. For example, an international trip normally take 60,000 point, but they're often on sale for only 30,000 point. If you could go during the time when the points are on sale, you can get more out of your points. Hubby and I rarely travel during the peak season to wherever we plan to go to.

Another reason, we use this card, United team up with so many other airlines, so you have lots of choice, you're not limited to just United Airlines.

For our international trip, I really prefer to use to find apartment than to use hotel. For the same price (or more often for cheaper price) you get more room and better deals. Besides, it give you the chance to experience the city from local point of view. Just make sure you pick a place with lots of good review, that way you can be assure that you'll have a good experience. :)

Originally, we plan on fly in to Rome and skip Milan completely. But, during our search for ticket, we found out that we could fly in to Milan for less mileage awards, so we end up starting in Milan and end in Rome.

For this post, I am highlighting our first stop, Milan, where we spent 2 nights. We arrived early afternoon in Milan, took a taxi (and unfortunately, I think we did get scammed by the taxi driver. Note: from the airport, it's cheaper and safer to just book a ride from the airport. You can take metro of course, but when you're jet lag and tired, car ride seems more enticing) and after checking in to our cute little apartment, went straight walking to the Duomo.

In front of the Duomo.

The architecture of this cathedral is simply amazing. You can't help but appreciate the artistry and the many hours that must be spent to create all the sculpture on this cathedral. The only turn off I found is the street vendors that can be very pushy trying to sell you bracelet, selfie stick, what not. 

The day we arrived, it was sprinkling a bit and the stairs/lift to go up was closed. We came back on the 2nd day and luckily it was open and we're able to go up and got this view.

On top of the Duomo.
For our 2nd day, we took a tour that took us to Como, Bellagio and Lugano, Switzerland. Our first stop was Como where we we took a 2 hours boat cruising Lake Como to Bellagio.

Como Cathedral.

What fascinate me about Italy is the mix of the old and new. Love that they preserve the old buildings and you see people still doing the old school stuff. While waiting for our boat, we saw a market where they also provide free stuff for kids and adults alike to play, like below. Simple stuff, but I appreciate the simple stuff. :)

Bottle fishing game at Como market.

Cruising Lake Como was amazing. Too bad we're missing the Wisteria blooming. We could still see some left over here and there, but didn't get to experience the gorgeous, big bloom like you see on travel brochure.

Lake Como

We could see the Alps and it was majestic. Blue water and the Alps, what a combination. We stopped at Bellagio for lunch, before continuing with bus to Lugano, Switzerland. Boy..., this place is dangerous for chocolate lover! I was able to resist the temptation, but I have to snap some pic. This is one of the display at Laderach Chocolatier.

Laderach Chocolatier.

And, let's end this post with my favorite view. We visited Lugano Botanical Garden and we're awarded with this amazing view. This patch of flowers took my breath away. They're so pretty. Combine that with the blue water and the mountain on the background, it's simply pure delight.
I literally, could sit on this very spot for hours.

Lugano Botanical Garden, Switzerland.

Sigh... I wish I live in a place where you have a place to escape and relax with view like this. LOL, when I sent pic of me with flowers to my family, my brother, Jerry pointed out how I was like my mom, we see flowers and we have to take picture. Hah... the girls in our family do love taking picture with flowers.

Well, peeps, hope you enjoy today's post. I'll be back tomorrow with a fun card and more travel stuff. Eventhough it's not card related, I hope you still enjoy the post. Thank you for stopping by here.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Teddy Bear Picnic

Yay! It's SugarPea Designs release day! You can finally get your hand on all the cute sets that you've been seeing all this week.

For today, we're highlighting this cute Teddybear Picnic set and also the free with purchase Bee My Honey set. 

We would love to hear your thoughts on the products introduced today!!  Please leave a comment on this post and on each of the talented SugarPea Designers shown below and you could WIN!  We will chose one lucky person to WIN the Teddybear Picnic stamp set from the comments left here and on the DT Blogs!  

All winners during our May Product Release will be announced on Monday, May 18th.  Our entire May Release will be available in the SugarPea Designs Store at 6:00 PM EST TODAY!!  Please click here to shop – and if you are lucky enough to win a set you’ve already purchased, you may choose another stamp set of the same value!

Check out what the SugarPea team has created for today!


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