Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Birthday & Mini Giveaway

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Today, I am  celebrating my 38th birthday! As always, I always have mixed feeling when it comes to my  birthday. No, it has nothing to do with aging. Because I am one of those girl that definitely not shy about my age. I wear my age with pride, because with each birthday I celebrate my life, celebrate the fact that I am still on this earth which is a blessing as there's still so many things I'd like to do and see. :)

Since I moved to the States, I have mixed feeling because I am happy that it's my birthday, but I can't help also feeling a bit homesick because I haven't been able to celebrate my birthday surrounded by my family. I think  the last birthday I celebrated with my family was my 16th birthday. It just that it would be nice to be with them on my birthday, even if it's only to have dinner together, you know.

Anyway, I was reminiscing a bit last night and thought I share one of my favorite pic from when I was 2 years old.  My mom always love having a garden, even if it's a small one and back then we have this hibiscus tree that often produce gorgeous flower. 

I have to say I love my childhood. We weren't rich, in fact my parents struggled to make ends meet when we were young, but we were rich in family love. My parents made sure of that. I grew up surrounded by cousins, neighborhood kids, etc. My brothers and I were pretty creative in entertaining ourselves. Empty box became a car, closet became a house, etc. We played on the field in front of our house with the neighbor's kids, just playing simple games. No barbie, no game boy, but pure kids fun. Running around, playing hide and seek, using our imagination to make things interesting, pretending to be a chef using whatever stuff my mom couldn't use for cooking, etc. And thanks to my brother, I found the love of reading which can take you to so many places in your mind.

I treasure my upbringing. I am thankful to my parents for the way they raised me. Thankful that I have siblings that I not only love but like and adore as well. Thankful that my mom taught me to be grateful for what  life gives me. Just plain thankful and grateful for everything. To be alive. To be healthy. And yes, thankful that I look younger than my age. LOL. Oh yes... can't forget the doggies. I am thankful for my doggies that bring me so  much love & joy.

Anyway, in the spirit of celebration, I am doing a mini giveaway. The pic below just a bit of what I am giving away. There's SRM sticker pack, Hero Arts stamp, fabric tape, etc. Things a bit hectic at the moment, so I didn't get a chance to really get everything prop up for good pic. So, just know that you'll get more than what's shown here. There'll be ribbon, more papers, etc.

Simply leave a comment by midnight CST Sunday, June 30th. I'll announce the winner on Monday. That's it from me today. :)

Pandamonium Blog Hop

Melyssa is back this month with another animal set, and it is PANDAmonium!! So. Many. Cute. Pandas. Full of sentiments, images, and FUN, you are SURE to love this set as much as WE do!!

PANDAmonium is a 6x8 set that includes a total of 23 stamps and will sell for $24.00.

Would you like to win the new PANDAmonium stamp set? Here is what you need to do- visit the Trendsetter’s blogs that are participating in each of the blog hop challenges below and comment on their creations as you go. One of the Trendsetter’s blogs (from each hop day) will be randomly chosen as the ‘it’ blog and a winner will be picked using a random number generator from the comments left on that Trendsetter’s Blog Hop Challenge post.

You will not know which blog has been chosen so the more you comment on the better your chances are of winning new stamps! The Blog Hop Challenges will be open until 5 PM Eastern Time Saturday, June 29th with the winner being announced during the release party chat.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

You Make Me Happy

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2 post in a day! Yep, it's one of those rare day. :) This week, Some Odd Girl is releasing a couple new cut files and one of them is the Grass Fold Card Base. The great thing about this cut file is you can customize it to your need. You can use the whole card base or you can use just part of it.
I decided to play with the grass part only and on purpose I made the card base slightly smaller than the grass, so the grass would stick over the card base.

Pairing up the grass with my favorite SOG stamp of all time, the pug puppy from Preppy Pups set. Hm... you think I might be a bit obsessed with my pugs? ;)

Seriously though, this sentiment really reflect how I feel about my pugs. They make me happy. They are my kids. This card makes me happy, too. It just look so cheerful. I think you'll agree, right?

Every week there's something new at SOG store, so check it out and you might find something you like. Thank you for stopping by here and have a happy kind of day.

Hadley Blog Hop

We hope you are loving the new sock goblin line from Wendy Leach as much as we are…THEY ARE SO FUN!! This month’s set, Hadley has stolen our hearts, and we KNOW she/he will steal your’s as well!!

Hadley is a 3x4 set that includes a total of 5 stamps and will sell for $9.00.

Would you like to win the new Hadley stamp set? Here is what you need to do- visit the Trendsetter’s blogs that are participating in each of the blog hop challenges below and comment on their creations as you go. One of the Trendsetter’s blogs (from each hop day) will be randomly chosen as the ‘it’ blog and a winner will be picked using a random number generator from the comments left on that Trendsetter’s Blog Hop Challenge post.

You will not know which blog has been chosen so the more you comment on the better your chances are of winning new stamps! The Blog Hop Challenges will be open until 5 PM Eastern Time Saturday, June 29th with the winner being announced during the release party chat.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Amalia Daisy / Cinnamon Blog Hop

Artist Megan Suarez has two fabulous sets for us this month, both a continuation of her previous lines. Amalia’s Daisy, the second Amalia stamp for us, is SUPER adorable, and sure to make her way into your heart one flower at a time. Cinnamon is the newest addition to the Spice Girl line. I love how spicy but sweet these girls are!!! 

Amalia’s Daisy is a 3x4 set that includes a total of 4 stamps and will sell for $9.00
Cinnamon is a 3x4 set that includes a total of 6 stamps and will sell for $9.00

My first card up is showcasing sweet Amalia.

And, here's Cinnamon.

Would you like to win the new Amalia’s Daisy and Cinnamon sets? Here is what you need to do-visit the Trendsetter’s blogs that are participating in each of the blog hop challenges below and comment on their creations as you go. One of the Trendsetter’s blogs (from each hop day) will be randomly chosen as the ‘it’ blog and a winner will be picked using a random number generator from the comments left on that Trendsetter’s Blog Hop Challenge post.

You will not know which blog has been chosen so the more you comment on the better your chances are of winning new stamps! The Blog Hop Challenges will be open until 5 PM Eastern Time Saturday, June 29th with the winner being announced during the release party chat.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This Is My Life Blog Hop

Torico has designed a set that will be useful to card makers, scrapbookers, and multi-media artists alike. This is my life helps you tell your story, your way. Super cute images, fonts, and the number of sentiments and their possibilities are endless.

This is My Life is a 4x6 set that includes a total of 21 stamps and will sell for $15.00.
I keep my card simple and let the cheery yellow flower background to back up the main message of the card. :)

Would you like to win the new This Is My Life stamp set? Here is what you need to do-visit the Trendsetter’s blogs that are participating in each of the blog hop challenges below and comment on their creations as you go. One of the Trendsetter’s blogs (from each hop day) will be randomly chosen as the ‘it’ blog and a winner will be picked using a random number generator from the comments left on that Trendsetter’s Blog Hop Challenge post.

You will not know which blog has been chosen so the more you comment on the better your chances are of winning new stamps! The Blog Hop Challenges will be open until 5 PM Eastern Time Saturday, June 29th with the winner being announced during the release party chat.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Let's Go Wild

TGIF! Wow... this week really flew by for me and I didn't even get much things done creative wise. Work wise it's been crazy busy. Blogging get a bit behind. :)

Anyway, this week There She Goes Stamps is highlighting some previously released stamps. There are quite a few sets for me to choose from, but of course with my love for animals, I have to go with the set called "Jungle Out There" and I chose to play with the cute monkey.

Isn't this monkey so cute & fun? I love its naughty, happy expression. Sorry for the super short post, just have too much stuff going on, but nothing too interesting to share. Just work, work, work. You can find more inspirations from The Trendsetters at TSG blog. Thank you for taking the time to stop by here and wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ikat Print & Mister C

I was never really big into flower stamp. But, the moment I saw Wplus9 Fresh Cut Florals set, I know I want it right away. Normally, when it comes to flower stamp set, I'd wait and ask myself again in a couple days if I'd really use that flower set often because based on previous experience, the few flower stamps I have just sit there, collecting dust.
A good, fun flower set really makes all the difference. I love how I can create awesome layering with this set. Since, I am so in love with this set right now, I have to play along with Wplus9 Monday Mood Board.

It's really fun to see the ikat pattern become such a trend. Although growing up in Indonesia, and on occasion have to wear traditional costume, I used to think ugh... ugly pattern. LOL, like many people, you appreciate your country beauty and richness once you're no longer there. Many of Indonesia traditional dress has the ikat pattern on it. Did you know that the word "ikat" is Indonesian word?

Anyway, even though I have the ikat pattern stamp set, I decided to create the pattern on my card using my Silhouette. First, here's the card:

Second, not only that background was created using Silhouette, but I was using my spanking brand new, early birthday present from hubby Silhouette Cameo. Yes, I retired my old Silhouette SD, Mister Q and with a slight guilty feeling (because Mister Q been so loyal and actually still work like a champ) replaced it with Mister C.

Can you tell that I am geek out over this?

I've been wanting to upgrade since Cameo came out, but I am one of those people who doesn't like to throw out any tool if it's not broken. I just couldn't justified spending out that much money when the one I have still working. Anyway after a couple years of thinking, I finally broke down when hubby pointed out that I am always so good at saving and I need to pamper myself now & then.
Besides he argued that I work hard with my cards, I need good tool (although he's real reasoning is this way he doesn't have to stress out to find me a good birthday present... hah!). And of course, I did find a good deal on this. I ordered this from Normal Cameo price is $299.99 and dickblick normal price is $269.99 and we're lucky that they have 30% off promo going on when we checked the site, so mine only cost $189. I think that's the cheapest you can get Cameo anywhere online. So, if you've been thinking of getting one, watch website for special offer.
And shipping was free. They estimated that my Cameo should arrive on 6/24, well, it arrived on 6/15!! Hubby was saying I have to wait 13 more days before I can use it and I was like, no, no, no, no, no... this is the one exception. Have to use now. :) ps: I wasn't paid by dickblick to promote them in anyway, I am just sharing my good experience here. Doing my good deed of enabling. ;)
Thank you for stopping by here and please stop by again as I'll be doing a birthday giveaway soon!

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Monday, June 17, 2013

New Addition

This past week we decided to expand our family. From family of four we are now family of 5. My cousin who has a soft heart for animals in need, been fostering this puppy for a while. She's a rescue dog and my cousin volunteer to foster her till she finds her forever home. At first, I wasn't sure if we should adopt her or not. After all I tend to gravitate toward flat face doggy, like pug, boston terrier or french bulldog.

But then like every other parents, you tend to do things that make your kid happy. Well, Eli my baby boy loves playing with Pup-pup (who we officially renamed into Abby). When my cousin said Abby had a showing to potential adopter, that's when hubby also realized he loves Abby and wants Abby to be part of our family. She is very affectionate and I love affectionate doggy. So, even though she doesn't have flat nose (hah...), we welcome Abby into our family.

Eli & Abby keeping me company while I am making cards.

She is pretty smarts as well. Next on our list is teaching her to catch Frisbee. She's already a pro is snuggling. Kind of funny to watch that even though Eli loves her, he'd get upset if she's trying to snuggle with me. He's like that's my mommy. He doesn't mind it when Abby snuggling with hubby. ;)

And, as I mentioned we're family of 5. The other member is Ollie, my older pug who recently celebrated her 15th birthday!!  She may have arthritis, but come feeding time that girl would bounced like crazy. She sleeps a lot and prefer her comfy corner rather than sharing with the 2 youngsters.

Now, that I have told you of my new family member, I can move on to card. This week There She Goes Stamp is holding anything goes challenge. Since last time I had the Donkey University set out, I made another donkey card.

 Love his buck teeth. I hope you will play along with us. You can enter the challenge HERE.

Well, that's it from me today. May your Monday starts off wonderfully!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Silly Donkey

How about starting the weekend with some silliness? I bought this Donkey University set from There She Goes Stamp because hubby and my brother-in-law often call each other donkey. They don't say it in a mean way, of course. I think it's a guy thing.
I laughed out loud when I first saw this set. I think my brother-in-law would appreciate this card. Here's my donkey card:

I paper pieced the shirt part and color the rest with Copic marker. The sentiment is from Paper Smooches Slang Gang set.

Short & silly one for today. Wishing you all a wonderful Friday!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blooming Birthday Wishes

Yesterday, I was super happy to see THIS announcement on Moxie Fab. First time I get pick for Trigger Targets. And I want to thank everyone for their sweet & kind comments. I really appreciate you girls. So happy.
Now, is anyone as obsessed with The Voice as I do? I think this season is one of their best one. Strong vocalist and I am very impressed with Usher coaching. Never been an Usher fan, but I do now.
I was soooo disappointed that Amber Carrington didn't make it to the final. I think she has awesome voice and every week always blow the judge with her performance. I do like Michelle & Danielle as well, so I am happy that they made it. But, I think Amber deserves the spot more than the Swon Brothers. Nothing against them or anything, I just prefer Amber. I think she show more versatility that she can sing something other than country songs.
The way hubby look at it, he said the show is called "The Voice" not "Voices". We're both pretty disappointed as well when Judith & Sarah didn't make it. Oh well.... But, I have to say I love seeing Terry McDermott & Nicholas David back on the stage. They were my favorite from last season.
Anyway, let's move on to card. I made this card a while back. It's one of the publication reject. But, since I didn't make any card this week, I figure it's time to share this one.

This flower background from Hero Arts is really a beautiful set. Here, I heat embossed the flower background and then rub the color in. Die-cut the label and adhere it with pop-dots. I think I'll have to re-do this card in spring color. I made this card for the fall call, but as much as I love fall color in nature, I am not a fan when it comes to card. I love pretty, cheerful or pastel color.
What do you think? Do you think of fall color when you look at this card?

Happy humpday!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Paper Made Bakery Day

Hi everyone. Today is my day at Paper Made Bakery. Here's the sneak peek of my card and you can see my full card HERE. Please check it out. Thank you so much!

Monday, June 10, 2013

I {Heart} U

Happy Monday! I think starting the week with some cuteness is a good way to start the week. So, today I am sharing this card I made for There She Goes Stamp inspiration challenge. Here's the inspiration pic:

For my card, I decided to use the color scheme. White, yellow, pink, and a bit of aqua.

These duckies are just so cute & adorable, aren't they? I think I'll be sending this card to my li'l niece. I am a bit behind in mailing card monthly to her, so it's time to catch up. :) I hope this card makes you smile and may your week starts off wonderfully!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

All Sweetness & Light

Now & then you see some pictures and you'd go, oh my gosh that's so pretty! That's how I felt when I saw Moxie Fab Tuesday Trigger All Sweetness & Light pic. This inspiration picture makes my heart skip a beat. It makes me want to decorate our room just like this. I mean, the colors, the pattern... love, love, love.

So, of course I had to make a card for this challenge. I mean, seriously, how could you not? Everything about this picture makes me think beautiful spring weather with colorful flowers blooming everywhere. And, I had this new stamp from Wplus9 that's perfect for what I had in mind.

This flower set is called Fresh Cut Florals and I have to say it's my top favorite flower set. It was love at first sight and seeing the samples made by their DT I know I have to have this. It arrived yesterday and I played with it right away to make this card. 

Dude.... this card makes me so happy. Actually the stamp set makes me super happy. You can bet that I'll play with this set a lot!

That's it from me today. Hope you're having an awesome weekend!
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Friday, June 7, 2013

The Other Side of Paris

I know, I know I promised to be back with more Paris post yesterday, but I just didn't quite make it. Too much thing to do! But, I am here now and it's going to be a long post. :)

Today I am sharing things that I saw there that makes me happy. First up, dessert picture!Oh-em-gee... so many awesome pastry place. Their pastry display is so pretty and being a dessert person, I want them all. Good thing that our goal was to visit as many places as possible, so we're always out and about and by the time we come home usually the pastry places already close. Otherwise, I'll be in s much trouble. I did get some macaroons, though.

Yum.... yes please...
Then on our fist day exploring, we found this super cute store! My kind of store. Filled with so many cute, funky & smart stuff. And colors! Happy colors every where!

They have these colorful fish hanging from the ceiling and I just thought they're super cool. You can click the pic to see them in larger size. Did you notice that the fin or tail were made of fan? Or on the case of the second pic that has head made of super cute tea kettle. I am always drawn to cool, unique stuff.

Cute stuff & happy color galore.

Seriously, this store Pylone just makes me happy. If budget was no problem, I'd have bought a bunch of stuff from here. From cutlery to stapler to wall hook, everything in bright cheerful color & super creative designs. I don't know if you could see the cluster of 3 birds on the bottom left corner of the above pic, those birds are so fun. It chirps like real bird when you hold them. I had to buy one because I think Eli would be so curious about it. :)
With the awesome architecture and art in Paris there's always place to find inspiration. Below is the stained-glass window in Notre Dame. It is pretty awe inspiring to stand in this church, considering that it was built in 1100. Imagine if this church could talk the history it could tell us.

I have to admit though, that as grand and amazing Notre Dame is, I actually love Basilique du Sacre-Cour better. It's a much smaller church, but inside it feel so welcoming and when you look up you'll see this beautiful painting of Jesus on the ceiling dome.
There's no picture taking allowed on  the inside, but I found a picture from the internet, just so you could see what I am talking about. And, no this picture didn't even do it justice.
I was walking on the left side when I look up through some of the pillar and from that one spot all you could see is Jesus spreading his hand as if he's blessing you in person. I was so stunned by the effect and the beauty that I stood there for a while and said a prayer for my family.
The atmosphere, the beauty and warmth of the church filled me with so much gratitude that when I prayed I can't help but get teary eye. It wasn't a prayer asking for thing, it simply a prayer to say thank you for all the blessings, for my life, and for the fact that I was there able to see this beauty in person and being there with my mom & hubby.
This church located on the highest point in Paris, so you do get amazing view from the step of the church. So, we came back here for the second visit to enjoy the sunset view. And, we were so blessed that on this second visit, we catch the end of a mass where the nuns were singing the choir. Yes, it's one of the few church where the nuns still singing the choir. It was beautiful.
My mom went back to Jakarta on Saturday and hubby and I went home on Sunday. So, for our last night, hubby and I determined to really explore and luckily for our last night the weather decided to be nice and dry.
Literally we walked all the way from the Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower. It is a long walk, people! BTW, if you're going to do lots of walking, invest on Skechers GoWalk. Best walking shoes out there. And, no they don't pay me, I am just recommending them because I love them so much.
Walking away from the tower to the Trocadero (where you get the best view of the tower), hubby was looking at a window when he said oh, look at all those flash. LOL, we thought people just went crazy with taking picture (thus all the flashing), but we turned and look back it was The Eiffel Tower itself twinkling. Right on the hour starting at 10pm, the tower lights twinkling for 5 minutes.
So, hubby and I decided to hang around for another hour to catch another twinkling of the lights. And while waiting we captured this picture of the sun going down on the horizon. Kind of weird to experience sunset around 10 pm, but cool as well. I think this is one of our best picture from the whole trip.
The twinkling lights on Eiffel Tower

I know, this last picture is not the best, but it captured the twinkling light the most. Well, I hope you enjoy today's showcase. No people picture... just things I saw that makes me happy. I hope you like them and thank you so much for visiting. What's on your travel bucket list? Do you have one? I have a long one. LOL, I get itchy if I don't travel at least once a year. It's what I am saving for every year. :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Panda Me Happy & Paris In A Glance

Today I am sharing some panda love from Some Odd Girl. If there's one animal that I associated with since I was a kid, it was a panda. Growing up there was this famous panda called Lingling and since that's my name often people would said, "Oh like the panda." :)

When Kristy shared the sneak peek for this month digi release, I immediately fall in love with this super cute guy. He may be  nerdy, but he is cute nerdy. Hah....

This card in general makes me happy. Cuteness, check, the colors work together, check, CAS look, check. Yep... panda me happy is right. 

Now, I promised to share some Paris picture. This is only a very small fraction of the amount of pictures that we took. I think I have deleted at least 200 pictures and still working on filtering more as hubby played with the camera setting quite a  bit during the trip and some of the pics just didn't come out good.

First day we arrive, we ventured out and thanks to a sweet & helpful lady she taught us how to understand the system. After that I was the metro guide. I might be horrible with direction when it comes to driving, but boy.... metro, I love. Just our luck, during the whole trip it was cold & drizzling a lot. We had only 2 days where it's really sunny (but still cold). But that didn't dampen our spirit as at least we can still do lots of sightseeing.

Me & my mom posing pretty with our umbrella. :)

Of course when you're in Paris, you have to go to Notre Dame. The architecture of this cathedral is amazing. That's what fascinate me about Europe, so many old building, so much history. To think that this cathedral has stand there for over 800 years. We didn't climb up the 400 stairs to go up to the top (where you supposedly ill get amazing view of the city & the famous gargoyles) as the weather was gloomy and we figure we wouldn't get very good pic (this excuse sounds better than the real excuse that we don't think we could manage climbing 400 stairs. Hah....)

Me & hubby.

I consider my green backpack as my good luck charm when it comes to travel (it has travel with me to many countries & cities), hubby consider his Chicago Bear sweatshirt as his good luck charm. He insisted on taking this sweatshirt to see if he could get anyone in Paris to say "Go Bear" because everywhere we go in the States, someone always say that to him. Sure enough... we got someone who say that and heh... they are American of course.

Anyway, while we were kind of prepare for some chilly weather, we weren't really prepare for really cold like winter weather. I mean literally, I was wearing 4 layers to keep warm. Now, my super skinny mom only brought thin cardigan and windbreaker. And, she's the type of person who's so worried of become a burden that she would never tell you how uncomfortable or miserable she is. Only when I caught her with shaking hand that I realized... darn, she's not wearing anything that's close to warm. I had to lecture her a bit for not saying anything. ;)

So, emergency purchase was made and she got a hoodie. We picked the simplest hoodie there is that available from the place where we were in and this Paris one she's sporting was it (all the other were too loud).

My spunky mom at the Louvre

I have to say my mom looks like a punk! I think many people were quite surprised when they saw her. With her skinny figure, fitted jeans, hoodie up, from the back and side she looks like teenager. LOL. I noticed many people stared, but hey... I think my mom looks like a rock star! ;)

For a 71 years old lady, my mom pretty awesome. She could keep up with us most of the time. She did spent 1 day off just chilling at the apartment after 3 days of shaking from the cold weather. But, all in all she is a trooper.

On this next picture, we were on top of the Galleries Lafayette which has awesome view of Paris. Of course with the cloudy weather it's hit and miss whether you can get good pic or not. Since we're in the city of love, I have to do the love pose. Hmm... only after seeing the picture I realized my outfit is way too preppy here. I look like school girl.

Cheesy is my middle name. ;)

And... look.... one picture where the weather was bright (this was maybe 10 minutes before rain came down) at Palace de Luxembourg. Beautiful garden that I wish we could explore more has it not rain.

Well, as I mentioned I'm still not done sorting the pictures, so I'll have more tomorrow. Besides I don't want to make super long post. Hope you enjoy the pics and thank you for letting me share my story here. See you again tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

PMB Sneak Peek & SOG New Release

Hi there lovely creative peeps. Today is my day at Paper Made Bakery and I hope you will swing by THERE to check out my card. Here's the sneak peek of my card:

Yes... doggy!! How could you resist playful doggy? :)

And, I have another card to share. This week, Some Odd Girl is releasing some new cut file and digi stamps.  For today I am sharing the star card cut file.

I find it refreshing & fun whenever I made non-rectangle card. How about you?

Okay, hopefully on Wednesday I can share some of vacation pics. I think hubby break  the record by taking about 1000 pics. And I get the job to sort & filter them as we are not keeping that many pics. Hubby can be very snap happy sometimes. ;) See ya tomorrow....

Monday, June 3, 2013

Paper Made Bakery June Blog Hop

Hi everyone and welcome to Paper Made Bakery June blog hop. We have such fun goodies compiled for this month kit and I know you'll just love them! Here's what you can expect in This & That kit:

You can get the kit HERE (and since this kit is super cute it might goes out fast, so you better hurry).

I love it that this time the kit including a super cute set from Lawn Fawn stamps. They are one of my favorite stamp company and since I am a big time doggy lover, this set is perfect for me. And this is what I made using one of the doggy stamp:

I decided to do a non-sentiment card. Sometimes you just need this kind of card. :)

As always, whenever we release new kit, we love to share some love. Simply leave a comment and you'll get your name entered for a Mini Fresh Baked Kit giveaway. Find out all the details at Paper Made Bakery blog. Don't forget to check out all my team mates creations to see more fun inspiration from this uber cute kit. Thank you so much for  stopping by here.

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Keep On Rockin

Happy June! Sorry that my blog been a bit neglected this week. The down fall of vacation is when you come back to work it's crazy. Between fighting the jet lag and trying to catch up with work, every evening I am just whooped and all I want to do is just crawl to bed. Mojo is no where to be found. :)

Well, as much as I cross my fingers & wishing & hoping, my birthday train card didn't make it to Gallery Idol Top 20. Was I disappointed? Of course. I'll be lying if I say I am not. We all been through this. You enter a competition or you apply for a DT position and you didn't make it. It's okay to be sad and disappointed, but it's not okay to wallow on it. Always remember things happen for a reason. :) Then, we shake ourselves, we move on and we cheer on those who made it! 

I still have reason  to be super excited, though, because 2 of my besties did make it to the Top 20. Big shout out to Emily Leiphart & Emily Branch. I'll be cheering on them and all the girls and looking forward to  their creations as they are taking the challenge each week.

Now, since it's the 1st of June, it means time for a new sketch challenge from Some Odd Girl. Here is my card for the challenge:

I am loving this Rockin' Mae stamp. I think she looks pretty. And look at my background! This polka dot background is so fun. 

I hope you will play along. You have 1 whole month to create and join the fun. Need more inspiration? Check out the sketch, prize details and fab creations from the DT at Some Odd Girl blog.

Enjoy your weekend!

Glimmering Buttercups

 Hi there. As fans of hot foiling, I am excited that I get to play with the new Spellbinders Glimmering Buttercup Glimmer Plate & Stenci...