Monday, May 30, 2016

Elliot & Sprout

Hi peeps! How's thing going. It's been quiet at my end. I know. My blog is functioning at minimum level at the moment while life happens. It's so rare for me to have my mom here with me, so I am making sure I spend lots of time with her.

We do things that I normally do by myself. Like going shopping, watch animation movie (you can bet my mom and I are looking forward to see Finding Dory), watch Law & Order, CSI together. You know, little stuff, that is just nice to be able to share it with my mom. I miss doing things with her and whenever she's here it's like making up for what I am missing.

So,  yeah, other stuff get to be put aside for a bit. Time with my mom is precious & I am so grateful that I am blessed with great relationship with my mom. She is my rock. :)

Well, before this month disappear, I just want to pop into share another Purple Onion Designs card. 

For this card, I used Elliot, Garden Bushes, and Sprout from Garden Bugs set. Elliot, the cute mouse is so darn adorable in my opinion. I also love Sprout the snail. I am not sure why, but I always love cute snail stamps. 

And, just a reminder that today is the last day to take advantage of the special offer for the entire Stacey Yacula's Garden Blooms collection, which contains 34 new images within a total of 25 stamps/sets. The entire collection can be purchased for $90.00 .

That's all from me today. May you have a blessed Memorial Day and thank you to all of those who protect and service our country and our freedom. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Graduation Weekend

Hi peeps! Happy Monday. Phew... This weekend sure flew by fast. On Friday, between work and all, we sneak out to see my niece receiving her honor awards. She graduated magna cum laude and received a few scholarships. This girl is proof that there's good teenager. She's talented (she used to sing for the Houston opera & in her school choir), smart, polite & most important, she's kind. Yep, we are so proud of her. Her parents really did a wonderful job in raising her.

Then on Saturday, my mom and I went to an event called Puppies for Breakfast which is a fundraising event for local rescues in Houston. We only took Eli with us, because it would be impossible for us to take all 3 dogs without going crazy. Afterward, hubby took Eli home while my mom & I went to the outlet for some retail therapy. Hah! That was a good day!

Sunday, we attended our niece graduation ceremony & party. I have to say it kind of did make me feel old. Our niece, Maddy really hold a special place in my heart, because she's the one who got all excited when hubby and I first dating & when we got engaged. Back then, she was all shy & definitely shorter than me. Can't say that anymore. She's no longer shy and way taller than me now. Here's a pic from her graduation party. And, I am sure glad that my mom is here to celebrate along with us.

Anyhoo... on to card. Last week, Purple Onion Designs released Stacey Yacula's Garden Blooms collection, which contains 34 new images within a total of 25 stamps/sets. And, until May 30th the entire collection can be purchased for $90.00 .

Here's my card featuring Oliver from the Garden Blooms collection.

I combined him with some stamps from previous releases. He's adorable, right with the snazzy hat on him?! 

Well peeps, that's all from me on this fine day. May your weeks starts off wonderfully. Cheers.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Stacey Yacula's Garden Blooms Collection

Hi peeps! I am excited to share the latest collection from Purple Onion Designs featuring Stacey Yacula's designs that are available in the store starting today. This cute collection is called Garden Blooms and the stamps are perfect for the warmer weather months. The adorable critters in this collection can really be used year round too. They are very versatile and the whole series can be used with past collections to create so many wonderful projects. Garden Blooms contains 34 new images within a total of 25 stamps/sets.

There is an introductory special set price for a limited time. The entire collection can be purchased for $90.00 until May 30th.

For my 1st card, I am using Elliot, Chip & Wild Flowers from Garden Bloom collection along with the new Celebrate sentiment.

Hah... as always, I love stacking my critters. Literally, if you go back and see my cards from when I first started blogging, you'll see me stacking the critters quite often. I just think they looks cute this way. ;)

Next... Petal the turtle! I loooveee turtle. In fact, I love it so much that I got myself a small tattoo of turtle when I was in Hawaii a few years back. My one and only tattoo. Well, I was thinking of getting a pug one someday, but so far hubby is convincing me the real pug is cuter.

Back to card, here's my triple turtle.

How cute is the smile on this turtle?? Come to think of it, I actually have a small stuff animal turtle that has a smile like this. Like I said, I love me some turtle.

Anyhooo...., I hope you enjoy my projects showcasing the Garden Blooms collection. All the stamps are available at Purple Onion Design Store starting today. Thank you for stopping by here. 

Oh yes... today, I am also up on The Ton blog. Check it out, will you. Cheers,

Friday, May 6, 2016

SugarPea Designs Sweet 2 Repeat Blog Hop

Hi peeps! Long time no see... Hah, yes, my blog doesn't see much action lately as I have my dear mom visiting all the way from Indonesia. Family comes first and spending quality time together with my mom an is important for me. So, blogging and card making will just have to take a back seat while I am enjoying having my mom here.

Anyhoo,  it’s time for SugarPea Designs Sweet2Repeat Blog Hop! We hope that by now many of you have our April Product Release in your hot little hands. And, we want to inspire you with even MORE creative possibilities featuring our newest and hottest products!

Stamp: Quackers, Whatever The Weather, Special Delivery
 Sugarcuts: Quackers, Whatever The Weather,
Chatterbox Journal Card

For my card, as I am sure many of you could guessed, I use the cute ducky. I mean, who could resist cheerful ducky, right? I am hoping anyone who get this card will totally grin ear to ear when they get this card. I finished with some sequins from Sea Spray Sparkly Shaker.                                  

Now, how would you like to WIN a $20 gift certificate to spend on some SugarPea Designs goodies? It's easy peasy, simply visit with each of our design team members listed below and leave a comment for your chance to win! Thanks so much for joining us and good luck!

Vera Yates <--- you are here

Thank You Pineapple

Hi friends. Happy May! Sorry that I haven't been blogging as much. I currently have my mom visiting all the way from Indonesia and am f...