Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cards That Care Update

Good morning and happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and if you did the Black Friday, hope you scored some great deals. :)

I am so thrilled to see all the packages that been coming for Cards That Care. I have received over 700 fabulous cards! That's not counting the ones that being mailed to Jennifer! And, they're still coming. You have till November 30 to mail your cards. So, you're not too late yet, if you want to join our effort in bringing Christmas joy to the elderly.

And, I had a couple people who graciously donated some fund to help with shipping the packages to the nursing homes. You didn't have to do that, but I so appreciate it. Your kindness & thoughtfulness touched my heart. I was telling hubby, at time like this where many bad things happened around the world, this is a great reminder that there are also still many good people out there.

I have a few girls who sent in 77, 56, 38 and 31 cards!! You girls are amazing. For those who can only sent a couple, thank you to you, too. Because every single card counts. Whatever you can send, we appreciate it very much.

Wanna take a peek at some of the gorgeous cards?? Here they are (you can click on the pic to get bigger view): 

I also want to thank you for your sweet notes & comments. Many of you said such a nice thing that made me blush. :) LOL, I am definitely not a rock star. I'm just a girl who loves cards and love doing nice things for others. Simple as that. But, thank you for making my day with your notes.

This weekend, I wasn't in card making mood (I know, what are the odds, the one time I had long weekend, I had no inspiration). So, for today, besides  the card drive update, I'll share my interactive card  that was published on Paper Crafts Holiday Cards & More Vol. 6 (page 109).

Here's a pic to show how the card looks with Santa's hidden and popped up.  Fun, right?

Thank you for stopping by here and may your week start off wonderfully. In my neck of the wood, we start off our week with a 36F temperature. Brrr.... Time for boots & jacket. :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Two Peas In A Bucket Sale

Hi all. As I mentioned earlier this week, now I am an affiliate for Two Peas In A Bucket. I would love for you to go shopping at Two Peas through me. If you go to Two Peas through my blog I get a commission and that would go towards my crafting fund. :) 

Simply click on the Two Peas badge on my side bar or click HERE.

Two Peas special for Thanksgiving!! 

20% OFF all regular price product in the Two Peas in a Bucket store. Product must be non-digital & non-phaseout product. Starting at 12:00am (CST) 11/24/2011 through 11:59pm (CST) 11/28/2011.

Cyber Monday Only: Receive FREE shipping with a minimum purchase of $35 and receive a free gift when using coupon code 2PBFCM at checkout. All product must be non-digital & non-phaseout product. 

Have fun shopping!!

Gratitude List

I am thankful for my family, thankful that we are close with each other, and that I get to start this year with them in Indonesia.
The Wirianta clan. :)

I am thankful that on my last night in Jakarta, I decided to follow my heart to turn around and gave my foster dad one last hug and told him thank you for everything he did for me, because that was the last time I'll ever see him. He passed away in March.

I am  thankful for my thoughtful hubby who loves me for who I am and totally supportive of me. And that he's a good cook, because I am not. :)

I am thankful that my li'l brother finally met that special girl and she fits in our family so well. Now, I have 2 amazing SIL that I love.

I am thankful that I got laid off earlier this year as it open new window of opportunity for me. Now I have a part time job that I love (with great working hours), working for someone who appreciate my skills, and gives me the flexibility that I needed so I can pursue my card making passion.

I am thankful for my doggies, cause they make me smile My dogs are my kids and I love them with all my heart.

I am  thankful for my upbringing in Indonesia. It allows me to appreciate both the Eastern & Western world.

I am thankful for my love of reading, because it has taken me to many wonderful, amazing places. Imagination is a wonderful thing.

I am thankful to know that there are still many decent & kind people in this world, who think of others.

I am thankful for Pinterest. Get so many great ideas there. :)

I am thankful to be alive and to experience what life has to offer. I have a loving family to share my life with (biggest blessing of all), a roof over my head, food on the table, bed to sleep in, and many more. Life is great, even with it's up and down.

I am thankful for the people who touched my heart and made a difference in my life.

With that note, here's a card I made for Moxie Fab Tuesday Trigger challenge that simply said, I'm Grateful For You. I love the colors and the woods on this pic.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May your Thanksgiving be filled with wonderful family time.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Vertically Challenge

I've been posting short & to the point post lately. Now, it's rambling time!! :)

Growing up, I often wish that I am not vertically challenge (I refuse to call myself short. Hee... :) ). But, now I accepted the fact and am actually quite fond of being small. After all there's quite a few benefit for being small. I notice people tend to be nice to me, or sometime they treat me like I'm a doll, which is more than fine. I love being treated nicely. Hee....

And, people always think I am younger than my age. Just a couple years ago someone was asking if I was going to a prom since I was shortening a long dress. LOL, since I was already 34 then, I was like are you serious? And, yes... she was serious and she made my day. :)

Anyway, speaking about long dress, looking for one is now the only time when I wish I was taller. I'm exactly 5' even and for my brother's upcoming wedding, I am hunting for a long gown and my future SIL is helping me. She was saying she found some lovely dresses, but they all are too long for me. That's when I laugh. As far as I can remember, I don't think I ever have any long dresses that doesn't need to be shorten (except for my very first long dress that I got when I was 4).

I've been browsing online A LOT as I kind of give up of finding one locally. So, if you have any suggestion as where I should look, please let me know. And... no... kids or junior section, please. Hah!

Enough rambling, here's a quick card I made for CAS-ual Friday sketch challenge. My card totally inspired by Kryssi, who is one of my favorite card maker. Her CAS style is ah-mazing! Also entering this card for Ribbon Carousel holiday challenge.

I love it when a card has such a clean look. Oh... and do you see that I almost reach 400 followers? I want to say thank you to all of you who choose to follow my blog. I really appreciate it. I think we should do a giveaway soon to celebrate, yes? Right now, I am focus on Cards That Care card drive (and many prizes there). So, I'll do a giveaway first week in December. 

Till then, thank you for stopping by here, for all your lovely comments, and for those who have sent cards for the card drive, I have received over 400 cards!! That's just from my end. I think between Jennifer and I, we'll break last year record of 700 cards. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!! :)


Wow, I haven't watch American Music Awards for the past few years. But, I'm glad I get to watch it this year. They had pretty good line up and I actually enjoy almost all of the performance, with just a couple exception. This year, the women's nominations are strong and I love it. Lots of fun music that makes me want to dance. :)

Anyway, I have a new card to share with you for Lawnscaping new photo inspiration challenge. Have I ever told you that I found making fall cards is not my strong suit. I love fall colors in nature, but for cards, not so  much. I couldn't come up with fall related card, so I focus on the color from the pic and use that as my base to create thank you card.

For the spray mist, I used Studio Calico Mr. Huey's. And just by luck, the concentrated part of the spray is right where I want to put the doggy. I think it works well for this card. :)

I hope you will join us on this fun challenge and you can get more inspiration from the DT at Lawnscaping. Hope your week starts off great.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Woodland Animals

Happy Saturday, everyone! Welcome to Wee Memories challenge #77. This week our challenge theme is "Woodland Animals" and we are sponsored by The Craft's Meow. And in case you didn't know, they sell Jenny's super cute owl sets. 

Here's my card using the Christmas owls.


Aren't the owls super cute? I just love them! After all, I love everything that's cute looking. :)

Since next week is Thanksgiving and we all will be busy with family stuff, this challenge will run for 2 weeks. Plenty of  time for you to play. Check out what the DT created for this challenge at Wee Memories blog. Thank you all so  much for stopping by here and have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

ADFD & Copic Sale

Hi, late post here. Starting today, for a week only, A Day For Daisies is offering this Holiday Mail digi for only $2. 

                                  holiday mail w

And, here's my card using this adorable image.

Cupcake Craftroom - Sweet Christmas

And, I also want to mention that now I have sign up to become a Two Peas In A Bucket affiliate. Which means if you shop at Two Peas through my blog (simply click on the badge on the side of my blog), I'll earn a commission. I'd love for you to shop there through me.

For those of you who love using Copic, Two Peas is currently running a special on Copic. Purchase any 2 Copic markers (even the ones on sale) and receive a various ink refill for free. This special will run until 11:59pm 11/25/2011 (Times are CST). I have ordered 10 copic myself and got 5 free refills!! Quite a big saving there. 

Hope you'll take advantage of this special offer. :)

SOG Recipe Challenge

Well, I'm slacking off big time this week with my blogging. I have a feeling that blogging for the rest of the year will be kind of like this week.

Anyway, today I have a new challenge to share from Some Odd Girl. This time it's a recipe challenge. Create a card using 2 patterned paper + colored cardstock base (no kraft or white base) + button + punch/die cut. 

Following this recipe, here's my card. My patterned paper is the green text background and the polka dot paper. I was determine to achieve a pretty clean look while still following the recipe and am pretty happy with the result. 

Totally Gorjuss - Christmas Tradition

For the ornament, I want to get a glittery look, so I covered it with fine clear glitters. For more inspiration, please check out the DT creations HERE. I hope you'll play along with us. :)

 And, just a reminder that you still have time to send in your cards for Cards That Care card drive. Any single cards counts. You have till Nov. 30, 2011. Thank you for stopping by here. I really appreciate your sweet comments & visits to my blogs. Have a blessed day everyone.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy News

Today I want to share a personal stuff here, since I do use my blog to keep in touch with my family and for me to record life events. :)

I'm so thrilled to share that my li'l brother is getting married!! He officially asked his fiance's family for her hand in marriage. I was sad that I couldn't be there with all my family for this moment. The down fall of being the one who lives on the other side of the world. They sent me some pics, but still, I miss being with them.

We are a very closed family and I do thank my mom, my brothers, my SIL and future SIL for all their emails in keeping me inform of what's going on. I was excited that when I google them, I was able to find a clip from one of the TV station regarding the event. Here's a peek from the engagement party. Simply click on the link. Sorry, it's in Indonesian. You might be able to use google translate. :) I want to post it here, so I have it for my record. :: Denada Dilamar Jerry Aurum ::

I adore my brothers. They always there for me. My little brother was the first one that sent my mom to visit me in the States when I went through some personal hard time. He is my almost twin brother (hmm... we're only 11 months aparts). And I am so happy that he finally find the girl who's beautiful inside out. She's funny and so down to earth. When I first met her, what really caught my attention is how much she & my brother laughs together.

She complements his silliness really well and really a good sport at taking his jokes. He's the clown in our family. She's very attentive to him. Even hubby says that seeing them, you could see how in love they are and how perfect they are for each other. So, congratulations, Denada & Boy (okay his real name is Jerry, but Boy is his nickname)! Can't wait to see you for the wedding. Love you both and wish you all the very best.

Edited to add: Almost forgot. Today is my day at May Arts blog. This week we are collaborating with Echo Park. Here's a look at my project. You can find the tutorial on May Arts HERE.

Thanks for stopping by here. :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

WMC Birthdays & Parties


Hi all and welcome to a new Wee Memories Challenge! This week our theme is birthdays and parties and we are sponsored by Niki Sivils.

For my card today, I decided to try something different and use neon color party straws. Cut them into small pieces and arrange them like a birthday cake. Top it off with a real birthday candle. I love those neon color straw. They're super fun to play with.

For more inspirations please check out what the DT gals created HERE. Thank you for stopping by here and hope you have a super duper fun weekend. Cheers....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Freedom Is Not Free

I saw this pic on Pinterest and the note underneath said: "A reminder that whether you like to admit it or not, whether you agree with it or not, your freedom is not free. It never has been, it never will be. Someone gave all for YOU."

This pic totally stopped  me in my track and the quote is so true. It also reminds me that for all the soldiers that serve our country, their spouse, their kids, their parents serve with them. They're the ones that have to live with the day-to-day worries whether their wife, husband, or kid will be safe or not in the war zone. They're the ones who has to be a single parents while their spouse serve in another place.

In honor of Veteran's Day, May Arts is taken part of OWH Blog Hop. With the other girls in the DT, am sharing my card on May Arts blog. You can check out what we all created HERE.

And, this is my card:

I am using bleach to stamp my flower image and I really love the way it came out on this particular cardstock. Instead of just coming out washed white like the typical result when you used bleach for stamping, this one came out like teal color. LOVE!

Thank you to all our troops & their families for our freedom. Thank you for reminding me not to complain about minor things. If you have a house to come home to, have a bed to sleep in, have food to eat, really we have nothing to complain. We're luckier than so many people. Not just the troops (who often have to sleep in dirt, deal with harsh weather), consider the homeless, the people in poor country, the people who lives in war zone, you'll realize how blessed you are.

As I count my blessings, I am also grateful for this hobby. :) Making cards bringing me lots of joy. Here's another card for Cards That Care card drive, using the latest releases from A Day For Daisies.

Thanks for stopping by here and happy 11.11.11!! :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Last Day With Kelly

For my last day of pairing up with Kelly Latevola, we use this pic for inspiration.

Isn't this pic just gorgeous? I love the soft colors and use that as my base to create this CAS card.

Thank you, Kelly for doing this with me. It's always a pleasure teaming up with you.

Also, yesterday, Some Odd Girl released 3 cute Thanksgiving images, that you can get HERE. And here's my cards showcasing the latest releases. The first card is using Indian Tia.

Then, I have this second card, using the Turkey image. 

Penny's Paper Crafty - Give Thanks

Whimsical Wednesday - Thanksgiving
Creative Card Crew - Thankful

I have heard from half of the winners from Cards That Care blog hop. For those of you who haven't send me your info, please do so ASAP please. Thank you so much and have a blessed Thursday everyone! :)

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

LOL, cheesy title I know. But, I've been wanting to say it. :)

I know I already say it, but I will say it again, I really appreciate everyone's participation for Cards That Care blog hop and for the card drive itself. You make it possible for Jennifer and I to make it successful. :)

Now, let's get on with the winner list, shall we. I randomly choose which blog to pick the winners from using, then from there again randomly choose the winners.

Here's  the list of the prize & the winners. I listed the prize, from whose blog I pick the winner from & the lucky winner.

Avocado Arts Stamp sets
From Laurel Seabrook's blog: Lisa

Hero Arts 4 stamp of your choice (clear, cling, or wood)
From Amy's blog: Judy1223

Jennifer McGuire Holiday Boot Camp Class
From Cristina Kowalczyk's blog: Crafty Texan

Lawn Fawn Pa-rum-Pa-Pum-Pum, Making Frosty Friend, & Winter Fox set
From Wendy Morris blog: Erin (Handmade Cards By Erin)

Mami Doodles - 5 digital stamps of your choice
From Amy Tsuruta's blog: Gail

May Arts - 3 spool of ribbon of your choice
From Nicol Rixon's blog: Tanya

Monika Wrights I Love It All Print
From Kathy Racoosin's blog: Jennifer Rzasa

Penny Black - 2 cling stamps of your choice
From Anita Recksiedler's blog: Michelle

Sweet Stamp Shop Thanksgiving Owl-Fits & The Core of it set
From Trinh's blog: Emily Keaton

The Crafts Meow - A set of stamp of your choice
From Monika Wright's blog: Samantha Mann

Ladies, please email: wirianta(at) with your information. On  the subject line please put which prize you won. Thank you again everyone and congrats to all the lucky gals!

Day 2 With Kelly

Continuing my pairing up with Kelly Latevola, today we're making card inspired by this cute pic. Isn't this shoes just so adorable?

I love the colors on this pic and use that for my cards base. Every time I make a card using hedgehog stamps, I can't help but remember my own spiky critter, Coco, whom I got for Christmas about 3 years ago. She went to critters heaven last year. Now, since I used to own a hedgehog, I can't help but feeling very partial to hedgehog images. And, the ones from Penny Black are my favorite. If I have unlimited fund, I'd get their whole hedgehog collection. :)

And, to my delight this time I actually able to capture the glitters on the shawl. You know how it is with glitters, sometime they're just hard to capture with camera. I am entering this card for Lily Pad texture challenge.

Please check out Kelly's card HERE. Next post.... winner list for Cards That Care blog hop!! Yay...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 1 With Kelly

A few months ago, when I went through a creative slump, Kelly Latevola invited me to pair up with her in doing a challenge. We decided to do it again. This time we pick some pics from Pinterest as our source of inspiration.

I am addicted to Pinterest. So many gorgeous images and so many things you can learn about. Anyway, for the next three days, starting today we'll be sharing our project. For today we based our card on this gorgeous bird pic.

And, here's my card. I know, Kelly, you must be gasping right now... that I actually use flower stamp.  LOL, for our last challenge, I whined on how hard it was for me to use flower stamp. Seriously, as much as I love flower stamps, it's always quite a challenge for me to use them. But, this time, I am pretty happy with the result.

I am also making this card for Hero Arts monthly challenge. 

Well, thank you for stopping by here and don't forget to come back  tomorrow to see the winner list from Cards That Care Blog Hop. See you then and don't forget to check out Kelly's card.  :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Lawnscaping Challenge

Wow, your response to Cards That Care blog hop is amazing! I so feel the love from all of you. Thank you to all of you for your support for this card drive. It means so much to me and your creations for the blog hop are simply fabulous and I gained so much inspirations. And thank you to all of you that hop along with us and left us with wonderful comments. We really appreciate it.

I will pick up the winners either later today or Tuesday. Winners will be announce on Wednesday.

Now, how are you adjusting with daylight saving time? I don't know about you, but it always kind of messed me up a bit. Just wasn't feeling the best. And, to top it off, hubby is down with cold. He sound so horrible with his nose all stuffed up. Haven't seen him this sick for a long time. I am taking airborne, so cross fingers I wouldn't get sick, too.

 Anyway, it's time for a new Lawnscaping challenge sponsored by Simon Says Stamp! Our theme is "Thank You" and here's my card for the challenge.

This time I used my Faber-Castell color pencils to color the leaves and use Copic marker for  the fox. For more inspirations please check out the DT gals creations HERE

Hope your week start off fabulously! :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wee Memories Blog Hop

Happy Saturday everyone and welcome to Wee Memories blog hop! If you arrive here from sweet STEPHANIE, then you're on the right track. As always, you can find the complete list of the blog at Wee Memories.

Do you realize that this week Wee Memories challenge marked our 75th challenge? I just want to say thank you to all of you who join our challenges. We really appreciate your support & loyalty. This week we are sponsored by Oh My Crafts! and our challenge is to create handmade gifts, tags, boxes or bags.

Hope you'll join this challenge and who know you might be the lucky gal who win this week prize of bundle of paper.

For my project, I decided to use a small paint can container. I think this would be great to hold candy, small jewelry, etc.

Made the penguin using my beloved Silhouette. Love that machine! I like to think of it as the little engine that keep chugging & makes me happy. :) Well, I am your last stop. To start from the beginning, please go to Wee Memories blog. Thank you for stopping by here.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Cards That Care Blog Hop

Hi and welcome to Cards That Care blog hop! Cards That Care is run by the sweet & fabulous Jennifer McGuire and  me. Our goal is to collect as many cards as we can for the elderly who lives in nursing homes. 
And, for your support & generosity, we have many offer many prizes as well. You can find all the details for the card drive HERE or by clicking on the badge. Just a reminder: you have till Nov. 30, 2011 to send your cards.

Now, to help promote the card drive, we're hosting a blog hop. We have quite a few fabulous & generous sponsors for the hop (see below for complete list of prizes) and you have the whole weekend to complete the hop. So, make sure you leave your comment by Sunday, Nov. 6, midnight CST. We will pick the winners from comments left on the participants blogs. So, the more blogs you left comment on, the better your chances are.

I made a couple cards for this hop. Here's a look at the first one, using stamps from my favorite companies. The cat is from Penny Black, background from Hero Arts, & sentiment from Papertrey Ink. BTW, Penny Black & Hero Arts were the among the first stamps I owned when I started stamping back in '97. And, yes.... still love them to this day!! 

Lots of layers on the cat & wreath image. Looks more 3D if you see it in person. Next, is another CAS card using another favorite of mine, the Lawn Fawn stamps. I used the masking technique for this card & used stardust stickles for the snowy hill.

Now, are you ready to hop? From here, you'll hop to the gal that everyone know as the stamp guru, Jennifer McGuire. I am sure you'll find fab inspiration from her blog.

Here's the complete list of the hop participants:
And, of course, no blog hop is complete without fabulous prizes!!! We have some superb & fabulous companies who donated these awesome prizes for this blog hop. Please visit them when you can. They have tons of great products. Huge thank you to all of you for your support & generosity.


4 stamps of your choice - clear, cling or wood

4 digital stamps of your choice

3 rolls of ribbon of your choice 

8 x 10 print of this gorgeous design

2 Cling Stamps of your choice

A Stamp set of your choice

Thinking of You Always

Today I am sharing this quick card that I made using Spellbinders Timeless Duo Etched Dies Spellbinders Timeless Duo Etched Dies .   I thoug...