Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blooming Birthday Wishes

Yesterday, I was super happy to see THIS announcement on Moxie Fab. First time I get pick for Trigger Targets. And I want to thank everyone for their sweet & kind comments. I really appreciate you girls. So happy.
Now, is anyone as obsessed with The Voice as I do? I think this season is one of their best one. Strong vocalist and I am very impressed with Usher coaching. Never been an Usher fan, but I do now.
I was soooo disappointed that Amber Carrington didn't make it to the final. I think she has awesome voice and every week always blow the judge with her performance. I do like Michelle & Danielle as well, so I am happy that they made it. But, I think Amber deserves the spot more than the Swon Brothers. Nothing against them or anything, I just prefer Amber. I think she show more versatility that she can sing something other than country songs.
The way hubby look at it, he said the show is called "The Voice" not "Voices". We're both pretty disappointed as well when Judith & Sarah didn't make it. Oh well.... But, I have to say I love seeing Terry McDermott & Nicholas David back on the stage. They were my favorite from last season.
Anyway, let's move on to card. I made this card a while back. It's one of the publication reject. But, since I didn't make any card this week, I figure it's time to share this one.

This flower background from Hero Arts is really a beautiful set. Here, I heat embossed the flower background and then rub the color in. Die-cut the label and adhere it with pop-dots. I think I'll have to re-do this card in spring color. I made this card for the fall call, but as much as I love fall color in nature, I am not a fan when it comes to card. I love pretty, cheerful or pastel color.
What do you think? Do you think of fall color when you look at this card?

Happy humpday!


Virginia L. said...

I hear you about "The Voice", Vera!! (I am still disappointed about Judith Hill not being in the final round!) Your card today is absolutely stunning!

Kara Lynne said...

I wasn't thinking fall at all, I guess because of the cheerful green. I think it's beautiful and I like how you divided it for your sentiment. I'm not watching anything just now which is a good thing b/c I get so hooked like if we were told the world was going to end I would say, "but we don't know who the winner is yet!"

Rachel W K said...

i LOVE fall colors in everything, but i do find it so hard to craft with them. i think your card is beautiful, and the embossing looks great. I can't believe that was your FIRST trigger target!!! i loved the card, and congrats!
-Rachel w k

Cathy Fongjoyo said...

Oh vera. This card is super uber beautiful . I am not a floral card person, but ur card totally melts me

Indy said...

Love the bright, beautiful colors!


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