Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Panda Me Happy & Paris In A Glance

Today I am sharing some panda love from Some Odd Girl. If there's one animal that I associated with since I was a kid, it was a panda. Growing up there was this famous panda called Lingling and since that's my name often people would said, "Oh like the panda." :)

When Kristy shared the sneak peek for this month digi release, I immediately fall in love with this super cute guy. He may be  nerdy, but he is cute nerdy. Hah....

This card in general makes me happy. Cuteness, check, the colors work together, check, CAS look, check. Yep... panda me happy is right. 

Now, I promised to share some Paris picture. This is only a very small fraction of the amount of pictures that we took. I think I have deleted at least 200 pictures and still working on filtering more as hubby played with the camera setting quite a  bit during the trip and some of the pics just didn't come out good.

First day we arrive, we ventured out and thanks to a sweet & helpful lady she taught us how to understand the system. After that I was the metro guide. I might be horrible with direction when it comes to driving, but boy.... metro, I love. Just our luck, during the whole trip it was cold & drizzling a lot. We had only 2 days where it's really sunny (but still cold). But that didn't dampen our spirit as at least we can still do lots of sightseeing.

Me & my mom posing pretty with our umbrella. :)

Of course when you're in Paris, you have to go to Notre Dame. The architecture of this cathedral is amazing. That's what fascinate me about Europe, so many old building, so much history. To think that this cathedral has stand there for over 800 years. We didn't climb up the 400 stairs to go up to the top (where you supposedly ill get amazing view of the city & the famous gargoyles) as the weather was gloomy and we figure we wouldn't get very good pic (this excuse sounds better than the real excuse that we don't think we could manage climbing 400 stairs. Hah....)

Me & hubby.

I consider my green backpack as my good luck charm when it comes to travel (it has travel with me to many countries & cities), hubby consider his Chicago Bear sweatshirt as his good luck charm. He insisted on taking this sweatshirt to see if he could get anyone in Paris to say "Go Bear" because everywhere we go in the States, someone always say that to him. Sure enough... we got someone who say that and heh... they are American of course.

Anyway, while we were kind of prepare for some chilly weather, we weren't really prepare for really cold like winter weather. I mean literally, I was wearing 4 layers to keep warm. Now, my super skinny mom only brought thin cardigan and windbreaker. And, she's the type of person who's so worried of become a burden that she would never tell you how uncomfortable or miserable she is. Only when I caught her with shaking hand that I realized... darn, she's not wearing anything that's close to warm. I had to lecture her a bit for not saying anything. ;)

So, emergency purchase was made and she got a hoodie. We picked the simplest hoodie there is that available from the place where we were in and this Paris one she's sporting was it (all the other were too loud).

My spunky mom at the Louvre

I have to say my mom looks like a punk! I think many people were quite surprised when they saw her. With her skinny figure, fitted jeans, hoodie up, from the back and side she looks like teenager. LOL. I noticed many people stared, but hey... I think my mom looks like a rock star! ;)

For a 71 years old lady, my mom pretty awesome. She could keep up with us most of the time. She did spent 1 day off just chilling at the apartment after 3 days of shaking from the cold weather. But, all in all she is a trooper.

On this next picture, we were on top of the Galleries Lafayette which has awesome view of Paris. Of course with the cloudy weather it's hit and miss whether you can get good pic or not. Since we're in the city of love, I have to do the love pose. Hmm... only after seeing the picture I realized my outfit is way too preppy here. I look like school girl.

Cheesy is my middle name. ;)

And... look.... one picture where the weather was bright (this was maybe 10 minutes before rain came down) at Palace de Luxembourg. Beautiful garden that I wish we could explore more has it not rain.

Well, as I mentioned I'm still not done sorting the pictures, so I'll have more tomorrow. Besides I don't want to make super long post. Hope you enjoy the pics and thank you for letting me share my story here. See you again tomorrow.


Shelly said...

Love this!! And your pictures are fabulous!! :)

Lin said...

Thanks so much for sharing your pictures, Vera! We have visited Paris many times, though not lately - would love to see it again!

Rachel W K said...

that panda is so adorable! i love your photos. your mom looks fantastic in her hoodie! ive never been to paris before... it looks lovely even in the cold!
-Rachel w k

Hanneke said...

Wow, what a cute card and great photo's! It looks like a great trip! I have been to france before but never Paris, I hope to go there some time! Hugs, Hanneke

JoAnn P said...

Very cute panda. Go Bears! :)

Loly Borda-Towery said...

Cute card and thanks for sharing your Paris pics, what wonderful memories!

Cathy Fongjoyo said...

eeeek! so cute! love that adorable panda! thanks so much for sharing beautiful photos of you going to Paris! looks like so much fun .

RiNNE said...

That Panda card is the cutest!!! I also love your Paris posts and pics! I've always wanted to go!! Hopefully, someday!! You and your fam are so adorable!


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