Thursday, January 10, 2013

You Are My Sunshine

Sharing another layout from the scrapbook I made for my brother. Love it when the paper looks so pretty and  you only need to add a bit of embellishment. Makes it so easy and fast to do the page.

Now,  this two lovebird has this sweet little girl. That piercing look, hah... totally my brother's look.

Earlier this week, they were celebrating Shakira 1 month old by doing the Chinese tradition blessing ceremony. Basically family member and close friends come together and gives the baby blessings so may she or he have a blessed life. And this day also mark the 1st day that the baby go outside the house with grandma taking her for a walk. 

I so love this picture. We have picture just like this when we were babies with our own grandma. And I love the fact that my mom went with the traditional, old school style umbrella for this event. You don't see this often nowadays. And somehow as I see how our family branched out and scattered all over the world, I value our heritage and appreciate it more than ever.

And, yep, our family is in love with this baby girl. Just like the title on my layout, she is our sunshine. :)

To my sweet niece, Shakira, I wish that your life always filled with sunshine and when there's rainy or cloudy days, I hope you remember that the sun will always come back and rise. And may you bring sunshine to those around you.


joy said...

beautiful layout and beautiful baby girl!

Lin said...

There isn't anything better than a baby! So sweet of you to share these traditions with us, Vera! And I know how hard it is for you to be away from your family, but pictures sure do help, don't they? What a sweetheart!

Rachel W K said...

such a beautiful tradition and gorgeous photos. what a precious little girl!
-Rachel w k

Susan F. said...

Thank you for sharing your traditions Vera. I'm sure it is hard to be away from your Mom and family at times. I think it is wonderful that you aer here with your hubby having a different life and being able to share both worlds with us. Your Mom looks lovely on this special day with the beautiful little one.

Brenda said...

Oh Shakira! You are beautiful! May your life be blessed with all that is good!


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