Sunday, December 6, 2009

Daily Giveaway at Created by JB

Hi y'all. How's your weekend? Mine is a bit rough. This past Friday, in Houston we have the rare occassion where we got some snows. Just one day. But, that's enough to make lots of people sick. Including my husband. The drastic weather change just crazy. He came down with a cold and then, our two dogs got into an "arguement", with one ended up with eye injury. I was freaked out when I came home and saw my baby's eye all puffy and red. She looks like she's been in a boxing ring. Hopefully she doesn't have any infection and will be okay. Oh yeah, on top of it all, we're scheduled to go on vacation this coming Thursday.

So, husband is all wiped out from medicine and poor Ollie snuggling with him. I am hoping that both we'll be okay for our vacation. I am not feeling the best myself and been taking vitamins and all prevention to keep me from getting sick, too. What a weekend...

On a brighter note... How about some giveaway?? Have you get a chance to stop by Jenn Biederman's blog? She's doing a huge giveaway. She will choose one lukcy person to receive some of her favorite goodies from Hero Arts & Purple Onion Designs + a card & ATC made by hers.  You do not want to miss it. There's LOTS of goodies. You can check out all the details here: Created by JB

Anyhoo, just want to share the giveaway news with you. Hope you get to check her blog and I wish you all good luck. Have a great Sunday everyone. Stay warm and don't get sick. :)


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Dwita said...

Vera, nice to meet you.
Aku Dwita. Baru lihat blog kamu ini, karena aku lagi cari di comments Hero Arts, apa ada yang aku kenal, berkaitan dengan memasang blinkie di blog. Aku mau tanya Vera, gimana caranya? Si blinkie gak mau blinkie...hehe.
By the way, congrats ya udah jadi US citizen. Pas tgl 18 November, pas ultah suamiku..., yang pingin banget jadi US citizen, karena dia pernah kuliah di UT Austin. Ok, Vera, let me know ya about the blinkie.... Thanks a lot.

Dwita - Indonesia


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