Friday, January 15, 2010


After my previous card, I think I fall in love with vellum all over again. Vellum is so perfect to create soft fluttery wings. This time, for Mojo Monday challenge, I go with blue and light blue vellum. I have this Magenta dragonfly stamp for the longest time and I think I only used it once before??? I bought it, because I love the way it looks and afterward, just never quite get the inspiration to use it. But now.... I'll find more ways to be creative with it.

Here's my card and the upclose of the dragonfly. On purpose, I only glue part of the body, so the end tail and the wings just flutters. I stamped the dargonfly on light blue and blue vellum. I layer the light blue (just the body part) on top of the blue vellum to create some layers. Also, the thickness of the layers, allow the tail to curl and kind of bouncy for 3D effect. Please leave a comment here if you stop by. I'd love getting to know you all that take the time to check my blog. I really appreciate it all. Have a great weekend everyone. Hugs, Vera

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