Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lucy & Sweet Sunday challenge ...

Do you have a bunch of scrap papers? I have boxes of scraps and as much as I try to sort through them and thought of throwing some away, I have a hard time parting ways with my scraps. First of all, I don't like to waste stuff. I am into saving the planet. And second, I feel challenged, too.

I keep thinking, surely there's something I can do with them. :) Anyhoo... that's what I do with this card. Strictly made with leftover stuff. I stamped the birdies  on my white scrap papers. With my white paper, if there's space to be stamped, you can bet I'll try to utilize it. The background also leftover paper and the ribbon, too. On the background paper, I stamped only 1/3 of the bottom with Hero Arts Flower & Dots stamp, then I glued a strip of cardtsock to cover the transition area and add ribbon on top of the strip for extra texture.

I made this card for Lucy's card challenge (she's one of my favorite, favorite card maker) and also for Karen Giron's Sweet Sunday challenge. And hey, it's Wednesday, so I shouldn't miss my dateline like my previous try. :)

Do you guys love challenge? Who's challenge do you usually do? Please share the link. It's always fun to find new challenge. That's all for now and may your day be a blessed one.


Karen Giron said...

I am loving all the purple! The little birds are gorgeous along with the background. Love it!!

Lucy Abrams said...

Oh what a sweet card - and you are so sweet too. Thank you for such kind comments and thank you for entering my challenge. I love your cute birds - great way to use up scraps.


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