Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Emergency center trip

Monday late afternoon, we were at home, when suddenly I just hear my husband cursing. Went to check on him and found him holding up his hand that was covered with blood. He was working on a project and his pocket knife fold on him (yeah, it's the one that didn't have safety lock) and just cut him open. He's more annoyed that it happened instead of thinking of the pain.

He thought he could just duct tape it. Must be a guy thing that duct tape can solve everything. Since his tetanus shot not current, I insisted on going to the emergency care by our house. Besides it was pretty deep cut. He was still trying to debate me and I just gave him the look that pretty much said don't even try.

I have to say that I am very impressed with St. Michael emergency center. We thought it's only a minor emergency center, turned out it's they are the smallest fully functional hospital in Texas. As soon as we came in they took his information and no waiting! How amazing is that? I never been to any emergency center where there's no waiting. And the staff?? AWESOME! Very friendly and efficient.

John, himself used to be a paramedic, I think that's why he's so calm, too. He knows what's what. And he's so thoughtful. The whole time we were in there, while they're stitching his hand, he joke around and make the doctor and the nurses laugh. I was like, I never seen anybody that cheerful during injury. And his explanation was that he remembered from his paramedic year, how it can be so depressing working in hospital and he said it's refreshing when you have patients that just don't whine and complaint. He said, I can brighten their work day by making them laugh. And he sure did. He made them laugh with his jokes, took pictures while they stitched him up.

Later on, he said that he also did it for me cause he didn't want me to stress out. And, I'm like, you're injured, yet you think about my well being and others. I married an amazing man! He's just so thoughtful of others. I told him though, he didn't have to worry about me in that kind of situation, as I do have my mom's gene in me. LOL. I have that tendency, when the others around me freak out, or get hurt, somehow it forced me to be calm and efficient as my mom always thought me to act efficiently we need to be calm. And yes, my mom used to be a nurse, too.

So, that's my exciting Monday evening. Tuesday evening is my time to watch Lost. Only a few episode left. This final season has been good! Didn't have card made for today's post. I am working on some cards, but they all to be post for my DT project. I figure I can post an old card I made for my boss' wedding last year. It's a pull out card. 

I'll be back with new cards tomorrow. Thank you all for stopping by. Have a great Wednesday! Hugs, Vera.


Nancy said...

I am so glad that everything turned out okay for you and your hubby....staying calm is the best way to deal with an emergency. The wedding card is wonderful, so full of great details. I'll be looking forward to your post tomorrow.

A Cards Delight said...

So glad he went to ER. I am also a former Paramedic and an ER/ICU nurse. He knew better! I have worked city ER's in Baltimore and it is wonderful when we get a patient as your husband. It really lightens the day and puts a smile on our faces. Your card is beautiful! I love the layering and colors! Thank you for leaving love on my blog!

Nancy said...

I am so glad your DH is doing fine and everything turned out okay! Hope you have a relaxing evening!

Lin said...

Oh, that sounds scary! Your dh is a wonderful guy, thinking of everyone but himself - a keeper!

I really like the design of your card today, Vera!


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