Friday, June 18, 2010

Gallery Idol Top 10 & More Reflection

Yippie.. yay.. ay... after another long night of waiting & jumping off the bed at 4.40 AM, realized it was too early, went back to bed & jumped out again at 6 AM..., I am thrill to let you know that I made it to Paper Craft Gallery Idol TOP 10! Thank you all so very much for helping me get to this point. I truly couldn't do it without your help. My heart is just filled with so much gratefulness. I am thankfil for each one of you who voted for me. Big, big hugs to you!!

You know what I am going to be doing this weekend. Working on submission for the Top 5! Yikes.. Cross my fingers & pray that my mojo will keep working. Meanwhile, here's a cheerful card that I made last night using TPE # 117 sketch.

Continuing with my birthday random thought reflection, I want to recognize those that influence me and make a difference in my life. I want my family to know how much the mean to me.
1. My mom - who's the biggest influence in my life. She's such a strong, wise, understanding, & loving woman, friend, mother who truly the glue that holds our family together. She raised me & my brothers to be good people with good moral, broad mind, kind, who know and appreciate the value of hard work, yet know to enjoy life little things, too. She thought me the value of family, of forgiveness, of having faith and trust that God always watching & guide us through life. Everything I am is because of my mom. I love my mom to pieces.

2. My older brother, Jeff (he's a cardiologist) - I am very lucky to have Jeff as a role model growing up. Jeff really set good example for me & younger brother, Jerry. I often consider Jeff to be like my mom the most. They're quiet, but can be hysterically funny & adventurous at times. He's dedicated, wise, calm, smart, has strong work ethic, etc. I look up to him for so many things.

3. My younger brother, Jerry (photographer/graphic designer) - He's my wild almost twin brother (we're only 11 months apart), my partner in crime, the clown, the baby of the family. Well, we're kind of competing on that position, since I am the only girl, kind of make me the baby of the family as well. *grin* I admire him for his courage & dedication to get what he wants. He started his own business from nothing, he chased his dream, made name for himself, yet still very much down to earth & appreciate people. Simply love him.

4. My dad - He passed away in 2002. He had such great sense of humor. From him I learned to value people as people. Regardless of their job, appearance, etc. I mean, during his funeral, the amount & variety of people that came to pay their respect amazed all of us. From governor, business men to the street sweeper, they all came. He sold cookie from house to house when he was maybe 5 years old, became an athlete (he brought Indonesia's wrestling to international level) who met with the President, who with my mom's support, earned his master degree in his 40s, etc. He show me there's no age limit when it comes to better yourself. I am daddy's girl and I will always treasure that.

5. My husband - one of the most thoughtful person I know and one of the few guys I know that love their in-laws a lot. He loves me so much, support me in everything I do, and just simply a great husband. Even my mom was impressed with his attentiveness & thoughtfulness during her 3 months stay with us. He shows me what a healthy relationship is like. I am so lucky to have him in my life.

Are you bored, yet?? LOL. I'll continue tomorrow with more list of people that I am thankful for. Don't want to put you to sleep with  my long rambling. :)

Oh, and we have a winner for my Card Creations giveaway. Drum roll please.....

LIN  you're the lucky winner. Please email me your mailing address. Thank you all again for stopping by and again for your tremendous support. Love you all. Hugs, Vera.


Barb said...

YAY!!! Sincere congratulations, Vera! I am so thrilled for you!! Love this darling owl card! Great colors! And congrats to Lin too! Woo,hoo!

Kryssi said...

thanks, vera.. btw, you keep misspelling my name, lol! see ya in the top10 chats :)

Lin said...

Congratulations and big hugs, Vera - so pleased for you! And thanks so much for the magazine! Lucky me today!

Trinh said...

Oh Vera, I am so, so happy for you! And I loved reading your thoughts about the special people in your life. They will be touched.

Heather Maria said...

Vera, big congratulations - that's so exciting!! Your card is adorable, love the colours and the stacked owls! That's such a lovely tribute to your family.

jo said...

Congrats on making Top 10! So very awesome!

Love your card - the owls are too adorable!

A Cards Delight said...


Angie Tieman said...

What a super sweet card! Love those stacked owlies! Congrats again on the top 10!! Can't wait to see your ribbon card tomorrow!


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