Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Rabbit Year

To my family and friends that celebrate the lunar year, Happy Chinese New Year! It's rabbit year (my year) and may this year brings you plenty of happy, joyful blessings.

I remember when we were kids, Chinese New Year brings its own excitement. We get to skip school (although now, in Indonesia it officially become a public holiday) and visited family and friends, and get to collect the red envelopes filled with money. Usually, the day before my mom would do the big praying at home and the day of the new year, in the morning we would go to the temple.

I actually miss these ritual. There's just something comforting with the ritual of getting the praying table ready, setting it up, my mom cooking up a storm of food, the smell of incense, and have all my cousins gather at our house. Our house always the central location for all gathering. I love that in our prayer we invited our ancestor to come and celebrate with us. Things that I took for granted back then, are now the things that I missed. I wish I have learn more about my Chinese heritage.

Our family is such a mix of cultures, and I do want to explore each of the culture. I think because of the mix, it's even more important for me to record and pass it down to my kids or nieces and nephews down the road. 

Anyway, have fun to all that celebrate the day! :) On another note... yesterday, I found out that I made the Top 3 at CASE Study challenge. So excited! Even more excited to see my fellow Wee Memories DT gal Jinny is also listed.

Today, I have this simple card. I wish I could hug my mom and my brothers on this special day.

Hope you all stay warm!! The weather man said we should expect some snow today! Yay... Cross my fingers that we get to go home early??? Have a blessed day everyone!


  1. Beautiful card! Love the colours you used! Love, Alex

  2. Happy New Year to you too! Hope it will be a blessed one for you! Beautiful card, love its softness in color!

  3. Hi there, Vera! Just wanted to pop by and wish you a Happy Chinese New Year! Big ((hugs))!
    Thank you for sharing some stories of your traditions growing up. I love to hear about these kinds of things. And thank you for sharing your beautiful card. I absolutely adore the stamping on here! I've been telling myself to use my own stamps more, and you've really inspired me to get stamping. :)

  4. Sweet CAS card, Vera! Happy Chinese New Year!

  5. yes, the ritual also gives you the atmosphere of the new year. and i missed it, too. sending you big hugs, my friend! =) love your beautiful card. such a pretty simple design!

  6. so pretty .happy chinese new year

  7. Happy New Year - sweet card - so lovely. Thank you for sharing some of your family history. :)

  8. Gorgeous Vera and A Happy New Year.

  9. gon xi fat chai veraa. this year also my year as rabbit ^^ *high 5*.. wish you a good health, prosperous, and happiness..

    kiong hi kyonghi angpao na lai

  10. Beautiful! I love that sweet fluttering butterfly.

    Happy Chinese New Year!

  11. Happy Chinese New Year! Love your card.


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