Thursday, June 2, 2011

Welcome Ribbon Fish

Back at the end of April, I was one of the finalist for May Arts DT call. To decide on who made it for the DT, they required us to do another tutorial. Here's a look at what I created. And... gasp.... it's not a card!! :)

Here's the step by step tutorial.
For the background:
1. Cut a cardstock slightly bigger than the opening of the frame. 
2. Layer the mesh ribbons first. On the picture it didn’t show up well, because the mesh ribbon is really sheer. In real life you could see the shimmering soft two tones blue color. 
3. Add the webbed weave ribbon, layer them one by one.

How to for the fish:
1. Cut a couple circles and trim them, so it looks like eyes or football.
2.Layer the twill ribbon on top of one of the football shape cut out using glue dots. 
3.Wrap the ribbons around the shape. To keep the back looking neat, attach the second football shape. This also helps keep the ribbons in place. 
4.Cut two strips of ribbon for the tail.  Pinch one of the ends and attach to the back of the fish. Do this for both the top and bottom tails. Trim the other end. 
5.For the fin, create 2 triangles by simply overlapping the ribbon (see pic. 4) and attach to fish. 
6.Add wiggly eye.

I decided to step out of my comfort zone and make a fun frame decor instead of just making a card. It's fun  to try something new now and then. I think this webbed ribbon is so much fun to play with. What do you think of this fish compare to the fish on my blog header?

Now, to make it into May Arts DT, I need your help. If you think my project is fun, please vote for me and leave your comment at my May Arts post HERE.

Now, on personal note, why I was missing for a few days. I've been dealing with my four legged baby being sick. The vet informed us that our baby boy, Nick, the sheltie has liver damage. We're not sure how much time he has left, really depends on his ability to eat and drink. So, needless to say, we both are heartbroken.

Nick started as hubby's dog that he got from the rescue center back in Michigan, but since we got together, pretty much he becomes mama's boy. :) He's so loyal, fierce, and definitely our protector. Each night I spent crafting, you can bet he's laying by my door or my feet. I am going through so much emotion right now. I barely slept last night. As he lays by my feet, I kept waking up and checking on him, making sure he's still breathing. Today, I felt like a zombie going through the day. Please keep him in your prayer. I just don't want him to suffer.

I feel tested right now. Seems like each month there's bad news. My mom reminded me that I should be grateful for the time that I do have with Nick. He brings us so much joy and we should celebrate that fact. Well... today... I am just trying to keep my head above water.


Lillian Child said...

I like the blog header fish better, but both are so clever. I'm still waiting for the tutorial you promised us on how to make these delightful ribbon fish! :0)

chillin with Quillin said...

really cute fish, also love the background!!!
Sorry about you dog, wev'e been there and its rough, prayers to you!!

Kathy Martin said...

How adorable! I need to make one of those fish! Thanks for the how-to! :)

Trinh said...

What a great project, Vera! I'm so sorry to hear about Nick. I hope he's not in any pain and I will be praying for him. Hugs to you!

Saskia said...

Wow... so beautiful and so unique!! :)

Anonymous said...

I think this fish is very cute...I love the contrast of it sittng on top of that net ribbon! And I will keep you and Nick in my prayers. Always a hard thing to go through.

cathy fong said...

wow!! i want to make this the tutorial!! ur creation is fabulous

donna mikasa said...

Love your project, Vera! I voted for you--good luck! Sending you hugs and prayers for Nick...

Chelsea said...

Omg. I love this!!


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