Friday, January 6, 2012

I Cherish This

Just a note, this post is not a card related post. :)

I am really thankful for today's technology. As much as my heart ache that I couldn't be there for my mom's 70th birthday, I am grateful that through today's  technology, I can still share the moment. One of my cousin recorded part of the party and post it on Facebook.

I have so much mix emotion when I saw this clip. I laughed because of some funny moments, like when my brother joining his fiance singing with his off key note, I cry because it makes me feel like I missed this moment by not being there, happy because I get to see my family celebrating my mom's birthday.

Here's where you can view the clip:

The lady who serenaded my mom is my brother's future mother-in-law. She's a well known actress/singer in Indonesia and I think she still performing to this day. The girl who duet with her, her daughter, my future SIL. It warms my heart to see that my brother is marrying this beautiful, kind, amazing, down to earth girl. She makes my brother happy and she blends in so easily with our family. 

It's also makes me wish my dad still here. How much he would have enjoyed this moment. My dad love the folk song from our province where I grew up. I think back then, in our family, only my dad appreciated the folk song and Indonesia singer. I only learn to appreciate these kind of songs after I am away and more mature. Now, I realize more than ever that my home country has so many richness & beauty.

I just want to share this moment with you all. I know it's not card related, but now & then I just feel the need to share some personal stuff that means a lot for me. :)


Isha said...

Oh Vera!!! It felt like you peeked in my heart about being away from our country and want to hear the music, language etc. I miss that all too sometimes. Congrats on your Moms B'day and I am sure your Dad will be watching you with a big smile.

sweet said...

Very sweet!


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