Friday, February 3, 2012

CHA Part 1

Are you ready for a long post with tons of pics?? Hah! That's what happened when you go to CHA. You took tons of pics. :)

But, I sure am glad to be back home. I have 6 more days home before I go to Bali for my brother's wedding. Am trying to savor my moment with hubby, Ollie, and Eli. Hubby is so good  to me. Every day while I was at CHA, he sent me pics and videos of Eli, our bouncy puppy.

Anyway, the trip was such a whirlwind. It was fun to be able to see all the new products that coming out soon. Lots of yummy goodness added to my wish list. But, of course the most fun is seeing old friends, meeting new friends, and getting to know those you only have met online before.

First night, I had dinner with with miss Lawn Fawn, Kelly Marie and her hubby, Mike, Laurel Beard, Ayana Posadas, Chari Moss, Jenny Suchin, and Nancy Krueger. I gave Nancy extra  hugs from Barb when I saw her. Nancy and Barb supported me since the very beginning when I started blogging. 

And, I was so thrilled to finally meet Laurel and Ayana my Lawnscaping team mates. Laurel is my enabler, the one who persuade me to go when I want to cancel on going. I have known both of them for quite a while, but this is the first time that we finally get to meet in person and I just love them! I called them my twins, lol, cause we're all shorty and we totally click. Laurel is just the cutest and Ayana is simply adorable. And she's like me like to touch things. :)

Here's a line up of pics for today and I'll share more tomorrow including some of my favorite products.

At Lawn Fawn booth with Laurel B and Ayana.

With my Some Odd Girl team mates, Kristy Delman, Melissa Andrew,
and Leah L'Orange. I am so lucky to be in their team.

With my Cards That Care partner, the cutest mom-to-be Jennifer McGuire.
BTW, love her dress. :)
Me, Ayana, Susan Opel, Tenia Nelson, Kim Wilson, & Maile Belles.
This group... I am so psyched to see them. Susan always so bubbly and full of energy. And Tenia, Kim, & Maile are just the sweetest. When it comes to Papertrey Ink, Maile's stamps are some of my favorites!! And, Tenia... look how stylish this new mom. Yes, she just had a baby a few months ago and look how tiny her waist already. Kim is sweet & adorable. Seriously, this pic filled with so much sweetness from these girls.

Yay... finally get to meet Michelle in person. Fab girl.

I adore Michelle. I was with her on a DT a while back and she's so supportive & thoughtful. Love her! She's the owner of CAS-ual Friday challenge, which is an awesome challenge site.

At Paper Smooches booth with Kim Hughes.
Adore Paper Smooches stamps very much and Kim is so sweet. Love seeing their upcoming stamps! Cuteness overload. :)

At Market Street Stamp booth with Angelica Suarez, Stephanie
Washburn,  & Jenny Suchin.

My favorite pic, at Doodlebug booth. They have uber cute booth!

Ayana is so adorable. Had so much fun walking around with her. Love, love, love spending time with her.

With Jill Foster, who is the sweetest!
She has a smile that can brighten a whole room instantly.

Now, how about a peek at one of the product that I thought was just so cool? Join the revolution with Inkadinkado. I was just recording it with my i-phone. No sound, just want to show you how their new gear works.

So, what do you think of this new gear? I was super excited when I saw how it works. However we have to  wait for a while before we can get our hands on this handy gear. They're shipping in August!!

Okay, be back with more people pics and products pics later. Get your wish list ready! Have a great Friday everyone. Cheers....


Kelly said...

looks like you had a great time. Such cute pictures. The Inkadoo gadget looks like the Spin-o-graph toys I played with when I was little.

Kryssi said...

Love your post! I appreciate it since people like me can't go to CHA. :)

Laurel said...

ACK! Fantastic post. I miss you already shorty! :)

Tenia Nelson said...

Love this awesome post!!! I am sooooo glad that I got to meet you!! You are just the sweetest!!! Thanks for the kind words too!!!

Faye said...

It looks like you had an awesome time. So happy to be playing with you at Odd World. x

Barb said...

Love all these photos, Vera! And thanks so much for giving Nancy an extra big hug from me! :)

Cathy Fongjoyo said...

wow!! thanks for sharing these lovely seems like you're having a greaaattt time at CHA. i was wondering how do you add those little note under the pictures.

Ayana Posadas said...

Aww... what a great post! I'm totally gonna share your post on my blog too!... These pics bring back such fun memories from last week. We MUST plan another CHA trip together in the future, for sure!!! :)


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