Monday, March 12, 2012

Be Happy & Puppy Update

Growing up, I always love reading quotes from my mom's Reader's Digest. On that sense,I am truly my mom's daughter. She loves collecting quotes and would use them when she write us a card or when she knows her kids needed encouragement or simply word of wisdom.

That love of quotes definitely passed down to me. Most of my favorite quotes has something to do with kindness and about happiness. I believe being happy is a choice. I see many people who doesn't have much or have gone through some hardship, yet they are still happy.

I, myself went through a period, where I just get stress out & upset so easily. Then as always, my mom the wise lady, reminds me that no one else can make me happy. I have to choose how I want to react or handle any situation. At the end, I choose to be happy. Being sad just takes too much energy. Besides, I figure if I am going to have any wrinkles down the road, I'd rather have them from smiling too much than frowning too much. :)

I must have reach a good state of being happy because one of my girlfriend call me "sunshine and rainbow". When I am feeling down counting my blessings, being grateful often helps bringing a smile back to my face.

With that note..., I make this simple and cute card, which I think will brighten someone's day. 

Now, what makes you happy? What do you do to cheer yourself up when you're down? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Speaking about being happy, I have this little fella who makes me happy.

Eli at around 10 weeks old.

How cute is he? Eli has grown so much while I was away for 3 weeks. Before I left he was only 4.8 lbs and now he's 9.8 lbs. He's quite a handful (and hubby never let me forget that I was away for 3 week while he had to puppy sit Eli), but he's sweet and smart, too.

When he's getting tired, he likes to lean on my leg and I could feel him swaying as he's  trying to fight his sleepiness. He's fearless and curious. When I'm vacuuming, he'd follow the vacuum, curious as to what this noisy thing does. When something does scared him, he'd yelp and immediately hide behind my legs, but then he'll look at whatever it is that scared him and bark at it while still hiding. LOL.

I love it though how he's such a snuggler. When he's tired or want to cuddle, he just look at you with his big eyes and who could resist a puppy big eyes? He's learning the come and sit command right  now. Our biggest challenge would be for him to learn to stop when Ollie our older pug has enough of him. My sweet girl is almost 14 now and she can only play a little bit at a time.

This is Eli just last week at 14 weeks old. 

This pic was taken after our visit to the vet. I've been taking him for a walk around the block for almost a week now. Most of the time he's still too busy trying to keep part of the leash in his mouth while we walk. Gradually we speed up a bit more every day. I am not much of an exercise person, so this help me to get some exercise done as well. Still just a short distance, but hoping I'll have ebough discipline to keep this up and increase our walking distance.

Hope this cute puppy face bring a smile to your face the way he does to my face & my heart. :)


Kryssi said...

what a funnnn card!! and i was looking at the wedding pics below! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! and you are just stunning as well!! congrats to your family!

Barb said...

oh...i'm so happy this gorgeous puppy has such a loving home. he does have a smile inducing effect! he's pugilicious! great card too :)

Charlene said...

What a cutie pie! That's a great way to get your exercise!

Barb said...

You've chosen a good way to live your life, Vera. I too, believe happiness is a choice. Love your fun card, and your puppy pics are adorable! Thanks for putting a smile on my face today! :)

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Super cute card--great post:) And I LOVE your little pup! SOOOO cute!

Kelly said...

darling card and even cuter pup!

Annette said...

such a fun card and your little pup is just too cute..


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