Friday, October 5, 2012

Hubby of Mine

Today we are celebrating hubby's birthday. We started the celebration yesterday with a fabulous crab leg dinner, courtesy hubby to try out the new induction cooktop he got from my mom. And it will continue today. :)

There are so many reason why I am so thankful for my hubby. My family loves him, too and they all think I am so lucky to have him as a hubby. My mom think he's the best son-in-law (hm.... I wonder if she says this because he cooks for us, hah...). No, for all seriousness,my family love him because he is sweet, thoughtful, and kind.

He is the kind of husband who saved the best piece of steak for his wife or given up the last piece of dessert because he knows his wife love dessert. The thoughtful hubby who woke up super early in the morning to let the dogs out, so his wife can sleep in. A strong man who doesn't mind sharing household duties, a supportive hubby who let his wife going to CHA because he knows how much papers and stamps make his wife happy. A quiet man who can be so silly and goofy. A thoughtful man who treat me like a princess.

He makes me a better person. Nope, he is not perfect, just like I am not perfect. But, we are good for each other. I am grateful to have him as my life partner and I want him to know that I appreciate him very much.

Below, is a layout I made of his 40th birthday. Isn't he so cute?? Honey, I know it doesn't sound manly, but I am your wife, I am allowed to say you are cute. Hah... Sorry for the crooked pic, I couldn't figure out how to take a good pic of 12x12 layout.

So, happy birthday to my best friend, my co-worker (yep, we work for the same company), daddy to our pups, hubby of mine. I love you and I wish you many happy blessings.


Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Happy birthday to your husband:) LOOOOOOVE that card--super fun design and great colors! And I LOVE the die cuts you used on your LO! FAB job:)

Rachel said...

Happy birthday to your man! What a sweet post for him. :)

Susan F. said...

Vera, this is so sweet. Happy Birthday to your husband!!

Alice said...

such a sweet and wonderful tribute to your husband, Vera! Happy Birthday to him and hope you have a wonderful time celebrating!

chillin with Quillin said...

awww how sweet ,nice layout and card, I have a hubby like that, keep the doors locked dont want him to get lose,lol.
Wish a happy Birthday to him, and have a good life to you to!!!

marymaci said...

Love your work, Vera!
Happy Birthday to your sweet husband! What a wonderful birthday tibute this is for him.
I imagine you know that Oct 5 is the most popular birthday in usa! my daughter's birthday is today, the 6th. i went to the hospital 9am on oct 5 because my water broke. my dr was too busy delivering other babies, and i needed a bit of inducing to help. she wasn't born until after midnight - 12:36am on oct 6th.
Love your picture with your crown! how wonderful your mother is here, too!
You're just surrounded in love!


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