Monday, February 3, 2014

Smile & Be Happy

Hi peeps. How's your Super Bowl weekend? I am not a sport fan, so my weekend didn't have any Super Bowl related event.
I started mine with dinner with my cousins and aunt to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Since I moved to the States, we don't really celebrate Chinese New Year the way we did growing up and I kind of miss the whole tradition. I miss the midnight prayer, going to the temple with my whole family, visiting other family members, etc.
Yep, I learned that so often we don't appreciate traditions till we don't have that anymore. Now, I appreciate it so much more and thankful for the experience that I do have.
Something else that I am thankful for... my niece! Look how cute she is with her pig tails and in her pink Chinese dress. 
My niece & my SIL, Dena.
And, this pic!! She cracks me up. She's so like her dad. My brother is such a happy, go lucky person (except when he's hungry) and I sure hope this girl take that trait.
Like father, like daughter.

And, this weekend I also became an aunt again!
My cousin, Julia and her husband welcome their second son, Aidan Christopher Solway on Saturday and on Sunday I got to see the new bundle of joy. He was napping a lot during my visit, so I get to hold him quite a bit.
Yes, there's some stuff that I miss. I miss my family, my niece. I wouldn't know how it feels being pregnant, being a mother. Yet... I am still thankful. Between Shakira, Conor and Aidan, I am thankful that I am an auntie to a bunch of cute, adorable kiddies. Thankful that through Skype & FB, I can keep in touch and see them grow. I like to focus on things that I do have and not so much on what I miss.
With that note... I want to share this card. My mom always tell me this. Smile & be happy.
Oh hey... it just dawned on me as I look at this card. I was talking about my 3 niece and nephews. Look at that. There's 3 adorable critters on my card. I guess I could say each represent the 3 kiddies. :)
Oh... so I don't get in trouble, I do want to say I have other nieces and nephews, but on this post I just want to focus on the 3 youngest ones. Hah... Happy Monday people!! Cheers....


Judy1223 said...

Oh, what a wonderful way to clebrate Chinese New Year! Such sweet pictures, such an adorable niece! And your card is quite adorable, too!

Celeste Goff said...

Happy New Year Ling! I love this very pretty! You can't go wrong with Purple Onion design stamps!


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