Saturday, August 9, 2014

Rainbow Bridge

Does anyone notice my love of pugs? No?? Yeah... it's not that obvious. Hah!! By the way, yesterday, August 8th was National Pug day.

Seriously, I think I must have pugs in my previous life. Because as far as I can remember I always know that when it's time for me to get my own puppy, I'd get a pug. And people would ask, why, did I have one growing up? Nope, never own a pug. The first pug I saw was on my uncle's t-shirt and  just  know that's the kind of doggies that would own me.

To some people, pug is ugly. Can't tell that to me though. For me, pug is super duper cute. With their big eyes and curly tail, they melt my heart. Needless to say, I think people that own & love pugs are special people. 

Recently, someone I know lost their pug and this person been so kind to me when I lost Ollie last year. She reached out to me when I was feeling so  lost. And, when she lost her pug, I just had to reach out as well. I made this card just for her. The rainbow hearts symbolize the rainbow bridge that all our puppies go through as they went to heaven and of course the heart symbolize their special place in our heart.

Oh yes, this li'l angel does have wings. Hope you can see the sparkly angel wings behind the pug. After all, I always believe all the dogs we ever love on this earth are our own angels that are wathing over us till it's time for all of us to be together again.

I made this card using the Pug set from There She Goes stamp. This set will always be special for me as they designed this based on my request and it came out around the time I lost Ollie, my very first puggy. So, yes, very special set indeed. I'll keep this set forever!

I hope the person who get this love it and hope it brings her comfort. That's it from me. Today is going to be busy day. I'll be spending some  time visiting my cousin and playing with my adorable nephews and in the evening, date night with hubby to see Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson Immortal Tour!! Soooo exited! Hope your weekend be a fabulous one.


Annette Allen said...

aww that is just so darn cute.. totally love it

Julie C. said...

This card is so adorable! ^_^

Shona Chambers said...

What a lovely card for your friend, I bet it made her smile and hopefully feel a little bit better. Love the rainbow hearts, its a gorgeous card!

Vicki Dutcher said...

Absolutely so cute!,

Shelly said...

Aww...this is so sweet! <3


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