Sunday, June 28, 2015

The big 4.0

Well peeps, I am happy to say that I reach 40! Yay, me. I am definitively not one that like to hide my age. I never understand that. For me, every birthday is precious, because it's a moment to appreciate how long I have live on  this earth, that I still get to try new things, enjoy being with my loved ones, visit places I've never been, & just appreciating being alive. Life is a precious thing that we should never ever take for granted.

Me, when I was about 2-3 years old

Since I am entering a new decade, I've been thinking, evaluating things a lot. Just for fun. I want to share 40 random stuff that cross my mind. If you'd interested to read it, great. If not, that's okay, too. This blog is part of my journey.

1. The person that shape my life the most is my mom. No words adequate enough to explain how much she means to me. Pretty much, she's my everything.

2. I met hubby at work & 8 years, 3 companies later, we still work together. We make a good team. We balance each other out. And, he accepts me just the way I am, imperfect & slightly nuts. He's my person.

3. I always look up to my older brother, Jeff. When he risks his job to save a life, he became my hero.

4. My younger brother, Jerry, is only 11 months younger with me, so with him I always feel like almost twins. When he's happy, I am happy. When he's hurt, I feel the hurt double. I usually the one who cry when he's hurt.

My li'l  brother & me.

5. It's been 13 years since my dad passed away & I still miss him. When my dad passed away it was one of the most traumatic moment in my life. Losing loved ones hurt. But, this also the moment that made me see the love that my brothers has for me. Them following  me around so they could catch me if I passed out. I appreciated them so much more after realizing this!

6. I actually love myself more now. I no longer criticizing my myself the way I did when I was in my 20s. I don't beat myself for every failure, every mistake. I try to give myself some slack.

7. I think of my dog Eli as my heart. That li'l boy means the world to me. Heck, even in my dream where we could be devour by alligator (I don't dream often, but when I do it can be wild), I am more concern on how to save him. So, yeah, I love this puppy of mine with all my being.

8. My other baby, Abby, open the world of rescue dogs to me. Because of her, I become very passionate about dog rescue. She open a whole new life purpose for me.

9. My dream retirement life is being able to run a dog sanctuary/rescue, where every dog is welcome & loved. Well, maybe some other critters, too. Sigh, I should have worked at a zoo.

10. My SIL, Gina is the closest I have to a sister. I could talk about everything to her. My fear, my insecurities, etc. She's a good listener.

11. I hope to be able to travel to new place every year. Greece is on my travel bucket list.

12. I always know that when I get to have my own dog, I want a pug. I just do. I am like love, love, loooovvvveeee pug. :)

13. I think watching good crying movies or series (gotta love Grey's Anatomy) is a good way to release stress. I am currently on Grey's binges.

14. I am a late bloomer. I was super shy, awkward & I owe it to my friend Debbie to change me for the better. She's a strong, opinionated person & I learn to speak up for myself because of her. Sometime we butt head, but we don't take our friendship for granted.

15. In my 30's I realized that I actually prefer bright colors over pastel.

16. Last week, I just added blue purple highlights to my hair.

17. I tend to think with my heart, which gets me in trouble sometimes.

18. As I grow older, I appreciated my cousins more now. I realize now that my crazy family is pretty awesome.

19. Growing up, 2 things I prayed for was to get taller and for God to make me less sensitive. Now, I am happy with my height. 5 foot even. That's okay. However, I am still the same sensitive person. I just finally accept that God made me the way I am for a purpose.

20. No, I don't know what that purpose is yet. And, yes, I still cry & feel like throwing up when someone yell at me or being mean to me. So, yeah, no clue why God make me so sensitive. It gave me acid reflux.

21. I am afraid of gecko or lizard. Once, one landed on top of my car and I sat in my car for the longest time to make sure the gecko have a chance to get off before I dare to get out.

22. I am a crier. I cry easily. Now & then, even when I accept it, that prayer to be less sensitive.. yeah, I still pray for that. Being too sensitive is hard.

23. When I get super emotional and can't say things, I would write letters. I do better with putting words in paper.

24. I am very much an introvert.

25. Because of my dad I love the oldies song. I grew up listening to Freddie Fender, Anne Murray, The Beatles, Elvis, etc. We used to call it our breakfast music because we get to listen to this music when my dad took us to school.

26. Because of my mom, I appreciate family picture. My mom always keep albums for each of us. So, my love for scrapbooking come from her.

27. I am not good talking on the phone. Weird to  think as teenager I could gab for hours on the phone. Now, not so much. I prefer talking face to face.

28. I pray that my niece will know me even though I live on the other side of the world.

29. I still have Christmas card that I got from my mom from 1983. It has pictures of deer, bunnies in the forest. I have quite a few of my childhood stuff that's still in good condition.

30. I am always interested in charity work, kids & elderly. I used to write to the UNICEF leader to learn about their program.

31. My younger brother, who's a photographer & graphic designer was the first person that ever said I should go for design school. I thought I wasn't creative enough.

32. Used to ask my mom if I made her proud because I grew up not knowing what I want to be. I have a brother who always know he's going to be a doctor and one that's so good at many fields. All I know I want to help those less fortunate. And, I am thankful that never once my mom compare any of her kids to one another.

33. One advise my mom  gave me that stuck with me is to make sure no matter how successful or how rich you become, always make sure the humanity part of yourself come first.

34. When I was scared and don't think I can go on, the word that gave me strength was my mom's word that I am her daughter and therefore I could do it. I always see my mom as the strongest, wisest person I know.

35. I am thankful for all the blessings I have received. For my life, my family, my babies, my job. I am just plain grateful and thankful.

36. Thanks to my mom & my foster dad, I learned to see the glass half full.

37. I keep debating whether I want to get another dog or not. We have 2 and I keep feeling tempted to grow our family.

38. Right this very moment, I miss my family pretty badly. Living on the other side of t he world from your from your family can feel pretty sucky. Especially during special moment. Last year, was the first time I celebrated my birthday with my whole family in 19 years.

39. The best lessons my parents taught me is to be kind to others, do your best, be fair, be polite, stand for what you believe in & that life is not fair, but you just keep going.

40. I hope I get to live a fulfilling, meaningful life.

Well, that's my 40 rambling. I am a bit of a mess right now, because I always feel a bit sad that I can't be with my family on my birthday. This happens every year. I am looking forward to what the 40s will bring. I hope it's a great one filled with many great things. Like my brother said welcome to club 40! Rock on 40!! :)


Aileen (mum) said...

Ling, I'm glad you shared your lovely thoughts. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and your husband treated you special. Don't feel sad, just think about the next time you can all get together and what a joy it will be. It sounds like your family is very special, there is nothing better than family who is there for you and your mother like most mothers knows just the right thing to say. All the best

Julie C. said...

Happy Birthday, Vera! I hope you have a fantastic day! ^_^
Just like you, my family is at the other side of the world. So I know exactly how you feel. God knows when was the last time we celebrated my birthday together?? But I am going back to Taiwan this summer to see them and I just can't wait! Welcome to the 40s club. It's great! I'm loving it! And thanks for sharing 40 thoughts of yours. They are wonderful thoughts! Enjoy your birthday! ^_^

Vicki Dutcher said...

Had to pop over and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Being in your 40's is the best decade ever! You are off to a great start~

Lisa Petrella said...

Happy 40th Birthday!!!

Miriam Prantner said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day and I know there are so many more great things coming your way!

~amy~ said...

Vera! Happy Belated!!!! Such a fun Post!

Brigida Alexandra Marcella said...

Wow! Can I say you don't look like 40?

I got quarter life crisis since my birthday months ago. Shame on me. Reading your post, I think I should keep going through. "See the glass half full" ---> =))

Thanks for writing this.

Anne S said...

Thank you so much for sharing your warm loving heart with us. You DO make a difference in this world - to me you do anyway. Love your posts and read them faithfully. Happy Birthday.

zehra said...

Happy Birthday Vera. I totally understand as my family is in India and we do not get to meet together a lot. But the constant phone call, face time, email, letters touch you have with them is to be cherished. Enjoy your years.


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