Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Thanks A Latte

Hi peeps. After a whirlwind week last week with all the new releases, I am taking it easy this week. I actually cleaned up my crafting desk! Yay, me. I could now see the desk. Hah!

This past weekend, I only made 2 cards and spent the rest of my time spending some quality time with the puppies. I think more and more I realize how short life is and dogs spend so much part of their life just waiting for us to come home from whatever it is we're doing. Whether it's work, school, errands, etc.

So, I am making a conscious effort to really be present when I am with my babies. I do treat and think of them as my kids after all. Besides, cuddling with them is really good for my health. They calm me down and makes me happy. Seriously, dogs are much cheaper than therapy. 

Anyhooo.... I want to share one of the card that I made this past weekend.

I loooveee the way this card turned out. It totally  reflect my love of colors and coffee! I used SugarPea Designs Caffeine Addict, Espresso Yourself set and Stitched Flags dies.

The pink cup with heart is popped with pop dots. Oh, and all the cups actually shimmer with glitter. Lately, I have this habit to add shimmer on all the cards I made. :) Please check out SugarPea Designs blog as well for more SPD inspirations. Thanks a latte for stopping by here! 


Jen W. said...

Gorgeous coloring on your card, Vera. And I'm totally with you about the dogs. Our 9 1/2 year old Dobie mix, Atticus, (who I'd had since he was 2 months old) passed away over the summer. We were heartbroken and I still miss him like crazy. We hoped to get another dog in the new year but in October we heard about an 11 ear old mixed breed who had been left at the SPCA. He was so skinny with eye and ear infections and really just a sad looking thing but he had the most beautiful, soulful eyes. He's been with us ever since and is doing so well. He's gained weight and his eyes and ears are better and he has more energy every day. I spent so much of Atticus' life at work which makes me sad to think about. My schedule is now more flexible so I am happy to be able to spend so much time with our new boy, Tex. I'm grateful that we found each other. He's good for my soul. :)

June K said...

Love your card. Such pretty coloring and selection of colors. I so understand how you feel about your pups. Yes, spend quality time with those babies. They love you as much as you love them.

Shelly said...

This is awesome, Vera!! LOVE.IT.
And take care of those babies of yours!...They are quite adorable, you know?! ;) I'm always a sucker for those puppy eyes...lol...

Celeste Goff said...

This card is just amazing Vera! Love your coloring on the mugs!!!

~amy~ said...

Love this Vera!

Lisa Lara said...

I love love love this card Vera.


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