Thursday, August 4, 2016

Just A Random Post

Hi peeps. How's thing going? It's been super quiet here isn't it. Sorry, I just been mojoless lately and just hasn't been creating a whole lot. However on the bright side, I've been slowly cleaning out and sorting out stuff around the house.

Every now & then, I just go through a period, where I just feel the need to go inward. Where I don't really want to create and just in really weird mood. Not necessarily bad mood, just weird. Can't quite explain it. So, when that happened, I usually like to take my time go  through my closet, the pantry or piles of papers, magazine that been waiting to be organized. The act of sorting and throwing out stuff seems to help clear the clutter in my head as well.

This weekend, I finally sold my Creative Memories albums, several refill pages and page protector. I used to be their consultant and always though that one of this day I'll get back and continue my old scrapbook projects. I mean, I have kept them from 2002!! They were all still in their shrink wrapped package. How crazy is that? Well, I realized that my style of scrapbooking have change and I now prefer pocket pages or smaller album. So, thanks to Ebay I found good home for them. It feels pretty liberating to finally getting rid of old stuff and simplifying. :)

Also, we plan to move to Houston spring next year, and I don't want to move stuff that I won't use or no longer bring joy for me.

Anyhoooo..... as far as card stuff, I am up on The Ton Blog today and sharing this fun project. Check it out, will you.

As you can see this post is kind of just me rambling. Let's keep the rambling short, shall we? I'll stop here and enjoy your day, peeps! Cheers.....


Shelly said...

I sometimes get in those 'moods/ways' too. And sometimes I'll end up rearranging the furniture and whatnot. ;)
You'll have to be sure to keep me updated with your new address! Best wishes with your move!
Your card looks gorgeous...I'm headed on over to check it out. :)

knottedscraps said...

I get such low periods from time to time too..and same, I clear out stuff. When that happens, I switch to another hobby to restart my engine, which is crochet. Then when it's running, I come back to my stamping :D
I love your card!

Celeste Goff said...

What a beautifully elegant card Vera!

sendasmile4kids said...

Thanks Vera for sharing your heart. What you said is so true clearing out the excess in our homes, reorganizing, etc. does clear out your head, too. I find this with crafting, also. Last week I couldn't do a thing just sit at my desk so I decided to reorganize and destash. It made me feel better and I was able to move on. Love your card.


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