Monday, May 8, 2017

Thanking The People You Love

Last week was quite a week for me and am thankful that this past weekend, I was able to recharge myself. I went to the movie & saw the Guardian of the Galaxy 2 (which I totally love!!), spent some time on our backyard with the doggies enjoying the beautiful weather and crafting several cards.

Being able to sit outside always help me to feel better and I need this recharge as this past week been filled with some sad news. I lost my dear aunt to cancer and it hit me harder than I expected. Also, not being able to go home & be with my family made it even harder.

I have several aunts, but this one is very dear to me because we pretty much grew up together. She was adopted by my grandma since she was a baby and she's about 8 years older than me. When my grandma passed away, she joined our family & in a way, she's more like my big sister. 

The one thing that everyone remember of her is her gentleness. She's such a gentle, thoughtful, kind person. Cancer took her away from us way too early. I mourn her passing. Though, I rejoice that she's now in heaven and free from pain. I am holding on to the memory of our time together.

I am grateful to have known her, for her patience with me during my childhood time. She had such a simple view of life, always grateful for what she had, always trying to comfort people. I will miss her dearly & will forever be thankful for the blessing of having her as part of our family. 

With this in mind, I wanted to create a thank you card. Too often we take the people we love for granted. I want to be better at not doing that. To thank them at random time just because I am lucky to have them in my  life.

I fell in love with this Honey Bee Hello Gorgeous set from the moment I saw it and I just have to have it. However, it's been sitting on my drawer and it's time to play with it. And, I am so glad that I took this set out. The coloring process was very therapeutic for me.

This set is truly a beautiful set & as you know I love playing with flower sets (if you asked me this a few years ago, I probably said differently, hah!!). I am very happy with the way this card turned out.

Crafting is good for the soul. Well peeps, that's all from me for today. May your week starts off wonderfully. <3


Trina said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. It's never easy.

Fiki said...

I'm sorry for your loss.
card is beautiful..

Susan F. said...

Hugs to you at this time of loss. I am sure you gave your dear aunt great joy.

Teresa Doyle said...

Vera, this is such a beautiful card. I am so sorry for your loss and I can totally relate. Last week was a very difficult week for us as well as my husband loss 2 aunts, 2 days apart. We live in the same neighbourhood he grew up in which is mostly family. He is very close with his cousins and over the past 40 years I have become close to them all as well! We had a very difficult weekend, as a family but are comforted knowing that his aunts are not suffering any longer.
I pray that you find comfort in that as well. {{{HUGS}}}


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