Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cards That Care Update

Good morning and happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and if you did the Black Friday, hope you scored some great deals. :)

I am so thrilled to see all the packages that been coming for Cards That Care. I have received over 700 fabulous cards! That's not counting the ones that being mailed to Jennifer! And, they're still coming. You have till November 30 to mail your cards. So, you're not too late yet, if you want to join our effort in bringing Christmas joy to the elderly.

And, I had a couple people who graciously donated some fund to help with shipping the packages to the nursing homes. You didn't have to do that, but I so appreciate it. Your kindness & thoughtfulness touched my heart. I was telling hubby, at time like this where many bad things happened around the world, this is a great reminder that there are also still many good people out there.

I have a few girls who sent in 77, 56, 38 and 31 cards!! You girls are amazing. For those who can only sent a couple, thank you to you, too. Because every single card counts. Whatever you can send, we appreciate it very much.

Wanna take a peek at some of the gorgeous cards?? Here they are (you can click on the pic to get bigger view): 

I also want to thank you for your sweet notes & comments. Many of you said such a nice thing that made me blush. :) LOL, I am definitely not a rock star. I'm just a girl who loves cards and love doing nice things for others. Simple as that. But, thank you for making my day with your notes.

This weekend, I wasn't in card making mood (I know, what are the odds, the one time I had long weekend, I had no inspiration). So, for today, besides  the card drive update, I'll share my interactive card  that was published on Paper Crafts Holiday Cards & More Vol. 6 (page 109).

Here's a pic to show how the card looks with Santa's hidden and popped up.  Fun, right?

Thank you for stopping by here and may your week start off wonderfully. In my neck of the wood, we start off our week with a 36F temperature. Brrr.... Time for boots & jacket. :)


chillin with Quillin said...

that is so awsome what your doing, congrats on the donations!. love the pop up Santa, really cute !!!!

Nitasha said...

This is simply awesome! These cards are gorgeous! And your Santa card is adorable!

Karin (PeppermintPatty) said...

Vera, your interactive card is absolutely AMAZING - WOW so COOL and AWESOME!!!
You really ARE a rock star and I say it again - I'm so grateful you're organizing Cards that Care and letting us be part of this beautiful cause. Hugs, Karin
ps. Glad to see that my cards made it across the ocean (-:

Alice Wertz said...

so happy to hear that the card drive was a success, Vera! thanks for the update and for organizing the event. you are so sweet! =)

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

WOW! You are getting so many beautiful cards! LOVE LOVE LOVE:) And I see a corner of my card---HOOOORAY:) LOVED joining in the fun--I just need to make more next year;)

Lisa T said...

Love the Santa pop-up card! I am glad the card drive was so successful. Wow, I thought my 19 cards were a lot. There were a lot of busy and thoughtful stampers! :)


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