Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Adore My Mom

Today, my mom is celebrating her 70th birthday. If you have follow my blog for awhile, you know I adore my mom to pieces. So, this post is for my mom as she celebrates this milestone. :)

Of course, growing up, just like any other teenager, we had our differences. But, as I become an adult, there's nothing more that I want then hoping that when people sees me, I hope  they see her in me.

I realized (and I am proud of it) that I am quite a bit like her in many ways. We're both the serious one in the family, yet we can be very goofy as well. I get  my love for boxes & organizing from her. Yes, if you looks at my messy scrap room, you'll be like huh?? But, you can drop us at The Container Store and we'll be happy browsing there & checking out the cool & cute boxes, drawers, etc. She's a master in packaging efficiently.

My "Goofy" mom. :)

From her and my dad, I get my work ethic. To work hard, give your best, make sure you get your job done, ask question when you don't know. She's thoughtful and generous. She helped sending some kids to school, simply because she knows the parents couldn't afford it. No, she's not rich either, but she would put aside what she could to help them. And, only us, her kids, and the people she helps that know this. Her random act of kindness inspires me.

Me & my mom.

She thought us that the most important things in the world is family. That everyone else could come and go, but not family. Appreciate & love your siblings. She's the strongest person I know. And, most practical. My brothers and I sometime joke that she has a man's attitude in viewing things. She's honest and speaks her mind. 

Growing up, I struggle because I was so shy and wish constantly that I could be confident like her. One time I asked her how can she be so confident. And she told me that many times she's just as shy, but she push herself to face the fear. She taught me life is not always easy, but it's all about how you view things. She taught me to be optimistic, be positive, and be grateful for what I do have.

Christmas 2010.

Of all the things I treasure of our family, I treasure our family bond. That no matter how old we are, we still do things that we did when we're kids. Including, we still like to snuggle with her. LOL, especially me and my li'l brother, we're the babies!! Since we were kids, every time we're together, we always spend time in our parents room and everybody just piled up. This is where we share our stories, goofing off, or just simply enjoying each other company.

When you join the family, you simply join this tradition. :) I have to say that our family is very blessed that not only we love each other very much, but we have amazing in-laws. I think my mom can tell you that she's very lucky that all her children-in-laws love her. That says something, isn't it? Hubby loves to call her mama-san. :) And, yes, hubby adores her and wants her to move here with us. He did silly stuff with her constantly when she's visiting us.

Celebrating my mom's 69th birthday.

Today, my brothers and SILs are giving her a surprise birthday party, where they invited my mom's best friends, our uncles and aunts, and people that matter to her. My heart ache and I cry a bit, because I couldn't be there. But, I know she knows that I love her so much.

She always said she may not be rich in a material way, but she's so rich in love and family, and that she has  a very blessed life (even though she had some tough times growing up). She's still amaze every time we dedicate something to her (my brother dedicate his very first book to her). 

She doesn't realize her own value sometime. Or the impact she has on people's lives. Mom, you make a difference in your own way. All 3 of us have you to thank for all our good values. Thank you for raising me the way you did. For teaching us and be an example for us, to be kind to others, to stand up for yourself and what you believe in, to always appreciate one another.

Mom, I love you and I say it before and I say it again, I am so lucky and blessed to be your daughter. You're the best mom for me. Love you so much. Happy birthday and may God continue to bless you with all the things that makes you happy. xoxo... your daughter. :)


Annette said...

aww your mom looks like loads of fun...
Happy Birthday to your mom...

chillin with Quillin said...

Sooo sweet, very touching story, if only more families were that close, the world would be a better place!!!!!!

~amy~ said...

awwww....vera such a special post about your mom:)

Virginia L. said...

What a fabulous and loving tribute to you Mom, Vera! Happy 70th birthday to your Mom! Wish her great health and lots of joy and happiness!

Piali said...

Beautiful post about your Mom!!
Happy 70th Birthday to your Mom!!!!!

Dotty Jo said...

What a lovely post! Many happy returns to your Mom, Jo x

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

AWWWWWW! This is the SWEETEST post ever! I love the photos of you and your mom--esp. from your wedding day! Everything you've written about your mom brings tears to my eyes! LOVE LOVE LOVE:) Happy birthday to your mom!! Many blessings! Psalm 118:24

Trinh said...

Such a touching post, Vera! I love all these photos of you & your mom. Happy birthday to your mom!

Judy1223 said...

What a lovely post in honor of your mom...you are both very lucky! Best wishes to your mom for many more happy birthdays to come!


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