Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Catching Up

I had a few projects that were posted on other blogs as part of my DT requirement, but I haven't share them here. So, I figure today I can share those projects here before I forget. :)

First up, is a goody box I made for SP & Company. It was posted on their site HERE last week. Haven't quite decide what I'll use this for. But, it's always useful to have a goody box handy for when I need it.

Then, I have this Hello Kitty card that was shown on PSA Essentials blog post HERE.

This spring break card was shared a while back also on PSA Essentials HERE.

Today, I am taking Eli back to the vet for a follow up check up after his snip-snip. His stitches seems to heal okay, but there's one part where we just don't feel comfortable about and just want to make sure it was okay. So, back to the vet we go.

Currently, I am working on tons of stuff. Magazine submissions (got a happy email last week. So far I have 1 project accepted for Paper Crafts Holiday Card Volume 7, hoping to get more as they should be sending more happy email this week) and working on lots of behind the scene projects for Some Odd Girl for their first catalog and CHA booth. 

All I can say is Kristy has designed some of the cutest stamp that I was delighted to get my hands on. When it arrived here yesterday afternoon, I immediately start playing with it (and I mean it literally). The only down fall is I cannot share any of them yet. Trust me, I want to share them so badly. Especially since one of the set involve something that I hold dearly. Hint.. hint... cough... Eli...hmm.... :) 

Time to go. Enjoy your Tuesday.


~amy~ said...

super fun projects Vera...poor eli...

Annette Allen said...

such cute cards...Love Hello Kitty...too cute..

Bethany Stellpflug said...

Cute cards Vera!

Susan F. said...

These are all so, so cute!


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