Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Family Visit Part 2

Hi everyone. I'm back with the 2nd installment of my family trip. But, before I share more pics, let me share a card first for those who just interested in card. :) 

After a few weeks of not crafting, I do feel a bit rusty. But, I did manage to finish a card for the latest Riley & Company challenge. This time the challenge is to create summer related card. Well, for me, summer means bright colors. So, for my card, my only focus is to use bright colors and I made this simple card.

To play along simply go to Riley & Company blog. You have 2 weeks to play along.

Now, back to my family visit. The main purpose of our trip to Indonesia was for me to meet my niece, Shakira who was born in December 2012. I honestly wanted to be there for her birth. You see, she is the first baby in the Wirianta's family. My mom's first and only grandchild. So, yep, she's a BIG deal. :)

All this time, my family makes sure I don't feel left out by sending pictures of Shakira regularly. And, my mom always try to Skype with me when she stays over at my brother's place so I could see Shakira and she could see me. 

Seriously, I have waited for this moment like forever!! And, when I saw her, I can't quite describe it. It just feels like I am flooded with love. I looked at her and I am like in awe. Wow, this is part of my li'l brother. To see my li'l brother as a dad is also very heart warming. 

This first pics are of my mom with my niece. I just love seeing my mom's smile on this pics. She just glow whenever she's with my niece. This li'l girl means the world to her.

Play time with Oma.

Considering her mom is a singer, this girl definitely got rhythms. She loves music and she loves to dance. She's cute, sweet, spunky, stubborn (hm... this is family trait from both her mom and her dad), curious & so  much more.

Now, this look on the pic below, totally my brothers' look.  The way her eyes looking up, her expression looks just like both my older and younger brother when they're being silly. It's amazing to see how depends on the angle she can look like any one of us. I can't get enough of her!!

Now, here's the happy auntie!! Can you see how big my smile? She completely captures my heart. I love everything about her. I want to kiss that face all the time!!

This girl likes her space though. You can't hug her when she doesn't feel like it. But, when she does, oh my word, it's the sweetest hug ever. One time, I feel like I was on top of the world when she let me take her out of the swimming pool and she just want to cuddle. And, normally when someone take her out of the pool, she'd cry because she's mad. LOL, she loves playing in the water. But, she didn't even made a noise when I carry her. She just hugged me. And, that made me feel very special. ;)

I don't have kids of my own, so all my love goes to her. I am happy being an auntie. I am happy at the joy she brought to our family. And, yes, it made saying goodbye so much harder. Heck, I started crying thinking of saying bye to her, while I was still there and still had a few days left.

Selfie time!!

It really does make my heart ache when I think of her and missing her. I had a video of her saying bye bye and I kept replaying that whenever I want to hear her voice. Yep, even typing this post I cry just thinking about her.

Here's one of my favorite picture with her. It's not the best picture composition wise (there's a darn box messing up the pic), but it's the moment that I love. I love the way she looked at me on this pic and it looks as if we're trying to do the John Travolta's move from Stayin' Alive. I just feel we connected at this moment. :)

Sigh... I wish I live closer to her. I'd love to baby sit and be the cool & fun auntie to her. I pray for this li'l girl every night. I pray that even though I live far away, she'll know me and know that she is loved.

Okay, the water work really start in earnest. I better stop my post or I couldn't stop crying from missing her. Thank you for letting me share my love for my niece here. Next segment, I'll share about my birthday. It's a big deal because the last time I celebrate my birthday with my whole family has been over 20 years ago!! See you on the next post.


Shelly said...

Such a sweet card! Love the sentiment! And your photos are simply, amazing! Love them! :)

Angelique Vela said...

Awww! Now, you've got me ready to cry along with you! I am very happy for you.

aileen (mum) said...

Beautiful card and extra beautiful niece. Love reading your story, there is nothing so beautiful as a little ones cuddles, kisses and total trust. Enjoy every minute you can with your niece there is nothing more precious.

Celeste Goff said...

What a pretty card and your niece is positively adorable! I'm glad you got to spend time with her and your family!

Mary-Anne V said...

She is adorable...enjoy your time.


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