In June 2010, I was very surprised and delighted to find out that my card had been selected as one of the card that made it to Paper Crafts Gallery Idol 2010. It was definitely a memorable experience. One of the most wonderful thing that came out of this competition is the friendship between all the finalist. They all so talented & creative, but above all they are kind, generous people who support each other. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me and for all the support, encouragement, and good wishes! To checkout the full details on any of card, please click on the title.

Open Round
"Thank You Card"
For the open round the theme was thank you card and I submitted a f ew cards. I really have no expectation whatsoever when I enter it as this was my very first try. And I was proud of the fact that I recycled for this card. The wood background was from Lilly Bee sticker package. :) So, when I saw on Paper Crafts blog that I made it to Gallery Idol Top 20 I was literally jumping up & down. Then I got panic a bit. LOL.

Gallery Idol Round 1
"Creativity Heals Theme"
For the 1st round our theme was Creativity Heals. It could be thinking of you card, get well wishes, missing you, etc. Since I live far away from my family, I chose an "I miss you" card. I love every detail of this card. When I made it I think of my mom that I miss dearly every single day. From this round 15 of the contestants with the most votes advance to the next round.

Gallery Idol Round 2
"Masculine Card Using Item Found In A Garage"
For round 2 the challenge was to create a masculine card using items found in a garage. I was groaning when I saw it as I rarely do masculine card. But, then as I start playing with the idea, this Honey Do robot came out and I had so much fun making it. And yes, I squeal and giggle a lot when I made it as I thought it was pretty funny. :)

Gallery Idol Round 3
I made it to the Top 10 and wow, the pressure. Kelly, from paper Crafts magazine keep streesing ot outthat we need to think outside the box. I actually ended up struggled more for this ribbon challenge than the previous one. Then, I discovered ribbon sculpture and from trial and error made this fun goldfish. It's amazing how much Gallery Idol push my creativity and I am so thankful and grateful for the chance.

"Inspired By A Picnic Picture"
With the wonderful supports of my family, friends, and fellow card makers, I made it to the final Top 5. For the final, I want to honor the journey by combining all previous challenges into one. The Creativity Heals part is basically the card. When you send a handmade card, you show the person that you think of them. For the masculine item found in the garage part I used sand paper to create the rocks around the pond. For the ribbon part, I used sheer ribbons to create the water on the pond. Then, of course the last challenge inspired me to do this picnic scene. This card include so many things that I love in life. The dog represent our dog, Hank that went to doggy heaven last year, the hedgehog represent our pethedgehog, Coco, the squirels represent the 2 pet squirels that our family used to have when I was a kid,  the pond is my love for water scene, and many more. I literally pour my heart into this card and I am very happy with the result. I am so grateful for this experience and for making it all the way to the final. The talented Belinda Chang won and I am so glad to have been able to share this fun journey with her and the other talented gals that made this whole experience memorable.


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