Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Finally, I decided to start my own blog! This is a big step for me. I am new at this and any suggestions are welcome.:) I am hoping that I can maintain to update this blog regularly.

A little bit about me. I've been scrapbooking and stamping for about 13 years. But, as far as I can remember, I always love doodlings, making things, and organized my pics. Used to cut my pictures and try to arrange them creatively.

And, I love colors. No matter where I am, when I see a bunch of colors, I get excited. Colors inspire me. Colors makes me happy. Since I love colors, easy to say that I love papers and pens. Especially love, love the many shade of blue. When I am in a place where there's tons of colors my mind just start swirling with ideas. That's probably why I also like knitting... (hehe... my SIL get me into this recently and I haven't reach that point, yet where I can say love knitting). When I walk into yarn shop I think I am more excited by the wall to wall colors of yarns than the actual yarn itself. Well, I can honestly say I like crafty stuff as long as it involves pretty colors.:)

Scrapbooking & card making are on my top list, though. Scrapbooking allows me to preserve my family pictures while being creative at the same time. And I love card making for its instant gratification. Speaking of card making, recently I found the Ketto stamps from Stamping Bella and I fell in love with them the moment I saw them. They are cute, funky, and has loads of personality in my opinion. Very fun to work with. So, this past weekend I spent some time just making a bunch of cards. Here's a couple cards to start.

Stamps: Suzzette Ketto from Stamping Bella
Glitters: Stickles
Color pencils: Prismacolor
Embossing folder: Cuttlebug

Stamp: Ivy Ketto from Stamping Bella
Glitters: Stickles
Color pencils: Prismacolor
Embossing folder: Cuttlebug

Aren't these Kettos just adorable? Well, hope you enjoy them and thank you for stopping by. Will post more cards later.



TexInTheCity said...

Ling! I love the new blog! What a great way to promote your wonderful cards.

~amy~ said...

Okay, just check out your rockin' first cards on your blog...good grief woman...they are sooooo perfect!!!!! I hope you had fun 'going back in time'....thanks for playing with me!!!!!

Jana said...

These are adorable. I love the simple design. So clean and fun.


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