Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yummy goodness

I started this week with a pretty bad back ache. I pretty much spent my Sunday just laying on a heat pad. And my thoughtful husband, spoiled me by bringing me my favorite ice cream of all time. Coffee flavored ice cream mixed with a little bit of avocado. :) It's probably sounds weird, but it's yummy goodness.

Yep, in Indonesia we don't have guacamole, but we use avocado for desserts. A lot of the ice cream place would have different variation of mixing ice cream with avocado. Some place even serve it layered with chocolate syrup and some peanut sprinkles. Because I grew up with avocado as dessert, I still haven't get use to eat avocado with my meals. But, if you're adventurous with food, try this mix for dessert. :) You can use either vanilla, chocolate, or coffee ice cream. You might like it.

Well, luckily by the next day, my back is getting better and I was able to sit down long enough to make a couple cards. Here's the 1st card for Mojo Monday challenge, which I also combined with Hero Arts challange. I use Rangers liquid pearl for the hearts.

Hope you like it and now I have to go do some research for vacation place to go in October. Am thinking of going to North Carolina. Any ideas for what to see or where to go? Drop me a line and thanks for stopping by.

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JAlexander said...

Hi - I just found your blog by hitting the "Next Blog" at the top of my page. It is so much fun!! You never know where it will take you.

Sorry about your back ache! I'm dealing with tummy trouble - no fun.

:-) Sorry - I don't know anything about NC me and the family are thinking about going to CA in October. Sit by the waves and RELAX.


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