Sunday, November 15, 2009


My desk is covered with glitters. This week Hero Arts' challenge is using glitters and their blog inspired me to use my acetate inventory. Boy, did I have fun. I made 3 cards using this technique. Today, I put the step-by-step instruction to make the 1st card. Tomorrow, I'll post the instruction for the 2nd & 3rd cards. Hehe... that way I have excuse to update my blog. :)

1st card:

1. Cut blue and green cardstock for background. I used cuttlebug to do  the dots embossing on the blue background. Add ribbons (I tucked one end behind the blue, green cardstock) and gemstone.
2. The fun part! Stamped penguins on white cardstock and on acetate. I used Ancient Page inkpad.
3. Flip the acetate, as you'll be working on the wrong side or the backside of the stamped image. Cover the are around the peguin using glossy accent and sprinkle the green glitter powder. Repeat and sprinkle the pink glitter powder. Last, repeat and sprinkle the blue glitter powder.
4. For the mount underneath the peguin I used Stardust Stickles. Note: if you're using the glossy accent and glitter powders, you don't have to wait long as it dries after just a few minutes. The stickles take longer.
5. Once everything dry, cut around the lacy circle, attached to the stamped white cardstock. The reason I did this, sometime when you stamped on acetate it's not all even (or maybe I am not experience enough) and the stamped image on white cardstock act as reinforcement. Besides, I like the white frame.:)
6. Now, just layer it up. Attached the white cardstock to blue cardstock, then attached those to pink cardstock, and last to soft green cardstock.
7. Using pop dots attached the layered image to the card. Voila... you're done.

You can see the other cards here and instruction for those cards tomorrow. Phew.... I think I did well this week. Although, my desk looks like fairies war zone with all the glitters. :) Hah..., I love it though when creativity just flow.

How about giveaway? I never do one before. Leave your comment for this card and the other cards (when I post it tomorrow) by Wednesday eve and on Thursday, I'll pick a winner and you'll receive one of the card as my thanks to you for stopping by my blog.

That's it for today and may your Sunday be a sparkly one. :)



shawnte said...

i love the glittery penguin! how cute

Yvette said...

That penguin is so cute! I love the colors of your card.

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