Saturday, March 20, 2010

Be positive

1st day of spring!! Yay... Hope you all have a nice weather on you side of the world. Right now it's a bit cloudy on my side and it supposed to be raining. But, that's okay, cause that means I don't have to water the flowers! Always look at the positive side of thing! :)

Don't get me wrong, I am not all rainbow and sunshine, eventhough that's what my friends called me. But, I do believe on looking at the brighter side. After going through some stuff in my life, I realize that when I was  too focus on the bad stuff that happen, it made life more miserable. That I actually have the power on how I want my day to be. I think there's a saying, life or experience can be good or bad depends on how you choose to react to the situation.

So, I choose to see both side, but leaning way more to the brighter side. How's that?? LOL. Even when I have bad day at work, I can be upset about it, but I also remember to be grateful that hey, I am thankful that I have a job, I have a roof over my head, etc. So, that's my speech for welcoming spring. LOL. I just wish people would be less grumpy in many ways. Been dealing with some grumpiness lately and how people just tend to be negative.

Another way, I choose joy by making card, of course!! Creating gives me joy and the plus side, it brighten the days whoever receives it! So much joy around papers, stamps, color. Isn't that right?? Anyway, I made this card for my husband.

Simple and clean looking, but design was I think it's very eye catching. The white area make the color parts stand out. Branch cut by Silhouette. Birds by Hampton Art, which I cut out after I stamped & colored it with Copic makers. And of course, no card is complete without some glitters. :) This card going to Lucy's challenge 7, too.

Now, I am going to enjoy my Saturday. We're going to see Bounty Hunter. I love Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler just plain yummy... LOL. So, hopefully the movie will be funny. Enjoy your weekend by welcoming spring with positivity! Hugs, Vera.


Nancy said...

Vera, I love your positive outlook. It's so important to see the good in everything and everyone. I love your sweet card, it's perfect for spring and Lucy's challenge.
Enjoy your afternoon at the movies!

Lucy Abrams said...

what a gorgeous card - I am sure your husband loved it. So perfect for Spring.

Lynn said...

Love your card....and your is much better when you look at the brighter side!

Virginia L. said...

Sweet , sweet card you made here! Love your outlook in life,too! Hope you liked the movie!

Lizziski said...

Love this card, those birds are cute :)

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