Wednesday, March 17, 2010


How about another scrapbook page? This page is all about my smallest four-legged kid. Her name is Coco and she's an African pigmy hedgehog. She's been my baby for almost one and a half year now. She's my early Christmas present in 2008 from my husband.

Yeah, I think everybody scratch their head when I said  I want a hedgehog. I basically emailed my husband picture of a hedgehog and asked him if I can have one. LOL. They're just so cute looking! I found a hedgehog rescue and fell in love with Coco.

Coco is low maintenance and love to snuggle. How do you snuggle with all those quills?? Easy, when she's comfy, all her quills lay down and she'd just find an area to bury herself (usually by my elbow) and just sleep or sometime she tried to chew on my shirt. :)

All the papers are by Jillibeans. I cut the letters using my Cricut machine. And that little hedgehog stamp on the right side is from my old Stampin Up! collection. These pictures were taken in our back yard.

Hope you enjoy meeting Coco here and I'll post more cards tomorrow. Thank you all for stopping by and let me know what you think of Coco. :) Hugs, Vera.


Lin said...

Oh, Vera, Coco is a SO cute! Great page!!

Mami Doodles said...

That's take the prize for an unusual pet! I hope you never annoy her - you might need a stack of band aids then ;-)
Coco is cute and so is the LO!

Pryn said...

Oh my! Coco is adorable! I think I am in love :) Awesome layout Ling!

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