Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just because...

Today, I made cards just for the fun of it. No challenges, no contest. The last few months or so, I've been making a bunch of cards for many different challenges. And to be honest, I did feel a bit burn out.

It made me look back and think how did I get here. Making cards is one of my passion. I love how coming home from long day at work, I can look at my colorful papers and feel soothed by the colors. I love how the creative process help me relax and unwind. And last night, I asked myself, when was the last time I made cards just for the fun of it. Not following any sketch, any requirement. I reminded myself that the main joy in card making is not about being recognized by others (although don't get me wrong, it does the soul wonder when my card being praised by others), the main joy for me is in the creativity itself.

So, today I made these 2 cards just because. No particular reason, except creating. Not following anybody's criteria, not showing off any particular techniques. Just being me doing what I love. And I love simple cards. The idea for these cards came last night while I was having a restless night sleep.


The colors on  these cards, made me happy. Colors could affect me like nobody business. :) LOL. I can't quite explain it. I love M&M because of their colors, I love colorful socks cause it makes me feel much better compare to wearing white socks. How's that? BTW, the dots background on the 1st card, I used part if the PTI package label. Why not reuse instead of just throwing it away. I am all about being green.

Well, that's my post for today. Getting ready to watch Oscar. As much as I love Merryl Streep, I kind of hoping Sandra Bullock would get the Oscar. Who are you rooting for? Enjoy your Sunday evening. Hugs, Vera.


Lin said...

Vera, this is a great post! You've put into words something we all need to remember. I'm so glad you got to just play! Love your dots!!

Brenda said...

Vera, you do such wonderful work! I too love working with PTI. I hope Sandra wins! Love her movies.

Pryn said...

GORGEOUS cards Ling!!! I adore the design...simple and beautiful! So classic!!!


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