Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Last weekend I bought new plastic drawers set to organize my scraps area. I feel a bit fed up of having my table covered all the time and have paper on piles. I am one of those scatter but organize kind of scrapper. LOL. Does  that make any sense?

I mean my desk can look cluttered but I do know where everything are. Not that I want it to be like that. It just happen that way. I remember growing up my mom used to complain that I have my stuff everywhere. Not messy, just kind of scattered. They usually in neat piles, just not quite where they belong. ;)

And lately, my boy, Nick, our sheltie has been getting into weird habit of chewing papers. Not everyday, just once in a blue moon. Thank goodness, so far my scrapbook papers are safe. He only got into the mail pile. So, I am not lying when I said the dog ate my bills. :) To keep my pretty papers safe I always close the door to my scrapbook room whenever I go to work. But, I don't like doing that as I prefer to have the door open so the air can circulate and the room doesn't feel stuffed and warm.

This week, I am hoping I can get those papers that piled on the floor into the drawers and have a more organized working area. My husband always pretend to be amazed whenever I clean my desk and would say, "Wow, we could actually see your desk, how long is that gonna last?" Not long at all! LOL.

Anyway, after posting this I'll go back to my desk and  try to clean up more. Cause so far this evening, instead of cleaning  I chose to watch Lost. Still confusing as ever. If you follow the series Lost you know what I mean. Anyway, here's a quick card for you all.

That's it for tonight. And don't forget, April 1st, Digi Doodle grand opening. I'll be showing you a card that I made using their awesome digital stamp and there's also challenge you can join. Hope you'll join the fun! Hugs, Vera.


KymKreates said...

Oh Vera the dog ate your bills that is so cute!!!! I am a messy artist too. My hubby is always on my case too. This little creation is so cute!!! It reminds me to each his own. Just like you!!!!

Harriet H said...

What an adorable card. Is just so cute. Good luck organizing and would love it if you share your work area with us.

My dog loves to chew paper too .... so I know just what you are talking about.


Monika Reeck said...

Cuuutte Images dear...sukaa ini merk apa...maaf aku ga baca2 langsung koment aja hihi...love love this..hugs

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