Monday, June 14, 2010

Gallery Idol Round 2

Hi peeps!! Time for Gallery Idol round 2. To vote you can click on the widget on the right side of my blog or you can go here. From this week vote they'll pick the Top 10 that go to the next round. Please check out all the yummy inspirations and vote for your favorite card. *Wink* Hopefully it'll be my card. :) And, big, big thank you for all your support & encouragement.

This time we had to make masculine card using item found in a garage. First reaction: yikes...! Then I thought, hubby and I work for home builder and we do many projects in our house together (although, on most of them I have the supervisor role... hah), surely I can come up with something cool. So, what started with lots of apprehension becomes such a fun project for me.

I made this card with hubby in mind. I can always make him laugh by doing my special robot dance. LOL, I know, it's cheesy and people that doesn't know me well, would never thought I am that goofy. But, yes I can be very goofy around people I am close with. With my silly dance I used to make my dad laugh (although back  then, it was Mr. Bean's dance) and now I make hubby laugh with my robot dance.

So, that's where my idea came from. Then I thought of how my husband often jokes wouldn't it be nice if we had a robot who could do all the house work. Ding, ding, ding. I was like, how hilarious it would be to make a robot with a remote control that listed chores that typically husband have to do and they wish someone else would do it for them. :) And I thought of the perfect sentiments that I hope will make you laugh (hope you catch it, based on i-phone & app).

Peeps, meet HDR (Honey Do Robot). LOL,  sorry I can't come up with better name.

Hubby especially loves the remote control part. I even put acetate on top of the list to make it look like screen glass (thanks for the idea, honey). Took me 4 tries as I tried to use glossy accent and embossing powder, but it make the letter runs.  Hah.. should I put hubby on my own DT? LOL.  See pic below to see what the remote screen says.

So happy of my duct tape robot. This card really made of items found in the garage:
1. Duct tape: come on, every household have duct tape and most men think duct tape can fix everything. ;)
Taped the duct tape to cardstock and run it on my Silhouette to cut the robot shape. The robot & the remote base are all made of duct tape. See, duct tape even fix masculine card issue. *grin*.
2. Corrugated fasteners for the grass colored with Copic markers.
3. 4 square brads on the body for detail. And that blue strip on the body is sand paper! How cool is that?? Sorry, I am so excited on how this is turned out.  LOL.
4 .Washers for the tire rims.
5. Car fuse for the neck.
6. Plastic ammo for airsoft gun for the eyes.
7. Ring cotter and part of broken paper clip for the arms. Oh, that part that connect the body to the bottom part is wire tie colored with green Sharpie.

And... tadaa.... HDR is the result. Hubby pretty much let me go through his stuff and use whatever I want. Hmm... with the exception of cutting part of his golf putting green for grass.

I sure hope this card makes you smile or laugh. I was giggling a lot when I made this. Now, please go to Gallery Idol and enjoy the inspirations from all the talented ladies and please vote!! Thanks so much for stopping by and thank you for your continuing support & vote! Have a great week! Hugs, Vera


Karen B. said...

Fantastic collaboration between you and your husband! This card is so chuck full of fantastic ideas, Vera, and overall way too cute! Puts a smile on my face. Congratulations and best of luck!

Regina Mangum said...

Vera, you are so cute and so is your card. You will have to share your robot dance with the group! Best of luck!

B said...

Super cute duct tape robot! Are you gonna do your robot dance for us soon? ;-)

JoAnn V. ( said...

By far my favorite! :)


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