Sunday, July 11, 2010

Catching Up

Hi peeps... How's  your weekend? This weekend I finally get to recharge myself. After I came back from the vacation, it was rush, rush, rush. Now, things finally almost caught up. Yesterday I spent literally the whole day just sorting our vacation pics. Between hubby and me we took about 800 pics and I managed to cut it down to 400.

Many of them just panoramic pics, but I still love them. I often feel like I have this thirst for travelling and just want to memorize everything that I saw. I am a firm believer that the only thing you can take with you is your experience and I believe one of the best experience are the ones you gained through travelling. Seeing new sights, experience new things, new food, new culture, etc. That's part of why I love photography, I guess. My brother, the photographer made me see & appreciate the world through a whole new perspective. Anyway, between sorting & editing the pics, my whole Saturday just gone.

Today, we went to see The Last Airbender and Knight & Day. I have this childlike imagination and I love fantasy stories from Never Ending Story to Harry Potter, etc. Needless to say, despite the shaky review of The Last Airbender, I still love the movie. So yeah, card wise my weekend hasn't been very productive. I realize I cannot just keep pushing myself to the limit. I still need to have a life. LOL. :)

So, instead of my card, I am going to feature this card by Elaine. She made 2 adorable cards using my Doodle Bird (you can download  them free here). It's always fun to see how others used my doodling. Here's the card she made and you can check out Elaine's blog here.

I love the color combo she used. Okay peeps, that's it for today's post. Still have tons of works to do. I am excited that in July my works going to be featured at one of the big manufacturer's blog. You'll have to wait till August though to find out who  they are!! All I can say, thank you Paper Craft for opening all these doors for me. Have super duper great Sunday afternoon. Stay cool. It's way too hot here in Texas! Hugs, Vera.


Cassie_lu said...

Those are cute card and I love the image you drew. In fact, I used it for a recent card of mine:

Thank you.

Dwita said...

They are gorgeous. Your Doodle bird is very cute. I already dowlnoaded it the other day.
By the way, I just came again into your blog and scroleed down to read what I missed. So, Vera, making to the biggest 5 in the Idol was the greatest thing. You've made the best of yours and I love your final creation.
And I just noticed that you used Revi Devi's digi stamp. Isn't she fabulous? She is my friend for long time, and I met her on her Japanese doll class. (she was 10 years younger in the same college as I was). She's great in drawing. Love to see you both in outstanding "position" right now.
God bless you in everything you do.
Hugs, Dwita.

JoAnn V. ( said...

Super adorable card! love it! :)


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