Monday, September 13, 2010

Emergency Vet Visit

My weekend start with me being very productive around the house. I put mulch on all the flower beds in front of the house, which was big accomplishment for me. I really don't do gardening related stuff. I am not known for my green thumb. Finish painting the bathroom although hubby did most of them. Cleaned up my old car, got it all nice & clean for sale.

Then, come Sunday... Started with my two grumpy four-legged girl & boy got into a fight early in the morning. Don't know what happened, probably one accidentally step on the other or what, they just went off. And you saw my pug, Ollie, she's a small dog and Nick is a sheltie, double her size. But, my girl sure doesn't know or care that she's smaller. Even after I get hold of her, she's still growling & trying to get to Nick, while she's the one who has injury.

At first, her eye looks okay, just a bit swollen on the outside. But, I kept watching her throughout the day. By late afternoon, her eye all cloudy, and there we went to the emergency care. For me, my dogs are more like my kids. Seeing her hurt is stressfull for me. Needless to say we spent our whole evening at the vet, stress out, and not have much of a good night sleep as she was wimpering. Today, we have to take her for follow up at our own regular vet.

I really don't have any card made for today's post. But, I found a card that I made a couple months ago and I don't think I ever post it. Clean & simple card.

Sorry, no bubbly post from me today. I'll feel better once I know more about Ollie tonight. I know you come here for card & cheerful post, but I also like to keep my blog honest about my everyday life. Can't be cheerful 100% of the time, right? :) Okie dokie, gotta go, still lots of things to do. Thank you all for stopping by. Hope your week starts out great! Hugs, Vera.


Ann said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about your pup! I'll say a prayer that everything turns out all right!

Barb said...

Hope your "kids" are okay, Vera!

Virginia L. said...

I sure hope Ollie is OK!! It must be hard to see them "fight like cats and dogs"...Love this adorable card!!

~amy~ said...

Ohhh noo...sorry to hear about your puppy:( hang in there...your card is super sweet..cas!

Heather Maria said...

Adorable card, Vera! I hope Ollie is okay.

Kathy Martin said...

Sotty to hear you had to spend time at the vet's office this weekend. No fun!

Your card is adorable! Love those elephants! :)

AnitaRex said...

Oh no! Your poor pet! Sounds pretty interesting the fight they got into! :> Hope she is better soon! Cute card!

Anonymous said...

oh no! Hope your little puppy is ok?

Love this card Vera - so cute!

Andrea6760 said...


So sorry to hear about the fighting siblings, but hope that all turns out ok for your little girl Ollie. I totally relate with you and even though I have real kids, I also have my 2 rescued canine babies and my heart goes out to you for your rough day. I will keep Ollie in my prayers for a quick and total recovery.


Elisa said...

Poor thing, hope she's OK now, Ling. Great card!

Alice Wertz said...

awww... hope Ollie is all right. lovely card!


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