Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jakarta Trip - Random Things

Warning... long post today. :) I'll post the card first. I have a quick card to share with you. Awhile back I won some stamp sets from Schlosser Designs and the one of the set is the Cupcake set. Love the sprinkle borders. Combined it with some delightful twine from The Twinery, you got a CAS but fun card.

I also want to thank everyone for their comments on the pictures I've been sharing. I am glad that you enjoy them. Since hubby couldn't go with  me on this trip, he asked me to take lots of pictures. So, I try to look at everything from the tourist perspective. Which is not hard to do, because since I live in the States, I learned to appreciate Indonesia and what it has to offer. If you asked me these back when I was teenager, I probably wouldn't feel the way I am now.

I think, that's the benefit of scrapbooking as well. You look at everything from a new perspective. Things you want people to know, to remember, to help them understand you, where you coming from, etc. So, without further delay, here's some random pics. Enjoy... :)

First pic above is a random street that I passed by on my way to my brother's house. There are lots of motorcycle there and no, I wouldn't dare to drive in Jakarta. I will get lost & everyone would honked at me. The motorcycle always zooming in left and right would freak me out because they get so close to the car. And yes, if a motorcycle hit you and you own a car, you're at fault, eventhough they're the one who's driving like crazy. Law of the land.

This one is of the neighborhood by our house. Kind of neat to see all those palm trees and you're not on the beach. Noticable difference with the States, most houses are fenced in. You wouldn't find house with open front yard like in the States.

View of Pondok Indah Mall, one of  the most popular mall in Jakarta. It's a huge mall and definitely one of my favorite, too. In Indonesia people love their mall. I guess Asian country in general. :) Lots of their activities revolves around mall. From shopping, entertainment, hang out with friends, dining, etc., all happened at the mall.

The skating rink inside Pondok Indah Mall. Over there, mall tends to go up high. Could be anywhere from 3 floors to 10 floors or more. The ones that I visited I think the most is 10 floors.  I do love shopping there. LOL, first it's easy to find my size and second their style is a bit different and every now & then I just love wearing stuff that make people ask where did you get it and I can proudly says it's from Indonesia.

Too bad they don't allow me to take picture inside the store, otherwise I'll show you some of the gorgeous design from Indonesian designers.

This snack place is also inside a mall. That's my brother on the left, spoiling me rotten by getting me all the snacks I want. It's hard not to go crazy and buy everything here, since many of the snack reminds me of my childhood snack. From different kind of peanuts, dried fruit, etc.

Indonesia is famous for many things, including their wood cardving artistry. This one was located at the lobby of The Four Seasons Hotel.  Click on the picture to see larger image and hopefully you can see all the details on this carving. Granted, growing up, I do not appreciate Indonesia's art whatsoever. I do now.

One of the original public transportation, called "Bajaj". It's a 3 wheel fancy scooter. LOL, that's the best I can describe it. I used to ride this when I was in college there. The driver in front and the back has seat big enough for 2 people. It's loud and noisy. Usually you use this for a ride that's not too far, like around the neighborhood.

Last, but not least, picture of food cart. You can find many street vendors in almost every neighborhood. Have to say, sometime some of the yummiest food are found from these street vendor or sometime we called them street hawker. Many time, when I saw these vendors, especially when I saw the edlerly pushing these carts, it touches me and remind me how we have so many things to be grateful for.

At least, we don't have to do such hard labor to provide for our family. You don't have to stand in the heat of the sun or the rain. You don't have to walk for miles and worried about crossing street filled with zooming cars.

The street vendors reminds me of so many things. It reminds me of my carefree childhood, of times with friends when we ran to the cart vendor to buy our favorite drink or snacks, of how blessed I am. It also reminds me of my dad to appreciate people and treat people as people. We used to have a street vendor who sells rujak (mix fruits serves with sweet & spicy brown sugar) and my dad used to give him the fruits from our backyard so it doesn't go to waste. Simple act of kindness that probably means nothing to lots of people, but not for me.

Indonesia has big history and it has its bad side as well as the good side. There are things I like and don't like about it, but I will always be proud of it. It's where I come from, my root, and a big part of my heart always belong to Indonesia. And as long as my family is there Indonesia will always be home for me as well. My heart is definitely in 2 place that couldn't be farther apart, East and West, Indonesia and US.

Hope you enjoy your visit here. :)


Dwita said...

Agree with what you mentioned in the last paragraphs. We should be more grateful..

~amy~ said...

such a sweet card...love that cupcake set...thanks so much for sharing the pics...love seeing them!

Brenda said...

Great pictures Vera! Thanks for sharing! Also love your cute CAS card!

AGohl said...

Cute card and awesome pictures!

Elisa said...

The card is beautiful - just your style! Great photos too.

Barb said...

Very cool stuff, Vera! So neat what I'm learning about your country! Love the photo of the mall with the ice skating rink! Beautiful! Glad you shared today!

Alice said...

beautiful simple card. thanks for the beautiful post as well, Vera! street venders reminds me of my childhood, too. we had one right next to my childhood house and we grew up on eating her snacks! =) thank you so much for sharing. hope one day i can visit Indonesia and you'll have to be my guide! =)

Miss J said...

firstly a simple lovely card, Vera...
and ditto vera...i do appreciate Indonesia more since i live in Sydney. it is definitely brought lots of beautiful childhood memories. i wish that i could go back there more often. good on you for sharing! hugs...

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