Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy 3rd Anniversary

Oye... I had my post all prepared Sunday night and Monday I found out it has disappeared. Even after I already saved it! Let's see if this post come up! :)

Yesterday was my 3rd anniversary!! 3 years since I married my sweet hubby. What did we do to celebrate? Hm... how about taking our pug to the vet? My pug, Ollie gave us such a nice present.. a nice chunk of vet bill! Sigh... at the end hubby and I can only shake our head and make jokes about it.

I told hubby, maybe we should change Ollie's name to "Dollar" or "Richie Rich". She had scratch by the eye and her stomach was hard like rock, so of course, like any responsible, loving parents, we took her to get check out. She got antibiotic for her eyes and they had to do x-ray on her. Advise to pet owner: "always ask how much an x-ray cost".

After the bill, hubby and I pretty much just look at each other and said happy anniversary. We still went out for dinner afterward. Just low key dinner. As much as the vet bill hurt our pocket, we both think how blessed we are that we're still able to go out and enjoy a nice dinner, that our baby is doing okay.  

So, in honor of our anniversary, here's a couple pics from our wedding day. We got married at Playa Del Carmen. It was a small, intimate wedding and I love it! Professional pics were taken by my brother, Jerry Aurum, the photographer. :) If you visit his blog, he has post mostly in English and a few in Indonesian.

Since, it's my anniversary, I am just going to gush away about hubby. He's seriously one of the most thoughtful guy I know. Just this past weekend, he bought me an Indonesian recipe book. Nope, not for me to cook. But, for me to pick recipes I like for him to cook. How sweet is that? These kind of thoughtful gesture that mean so much that make me so grateful for having him as my hubby. Love you to pieces, honey! :)

Now, what would an anniversary be without a card? I made this card using Tiffany's sketch.

Penny Black - Wet embossing
Paper Playtime - Anything Goes

Can't go wrong with embossed cute hedgehog from Penny Black. That webby looking ribbon is from May Arts. LOVE it!

Thank you all for stopping by here and welcome to the new followers! :) Really appreciate you all taking the time to check out my blog. Hope you enjoy your visit and have a blessed day everybody!


Barb said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary to you and your hubby, Vera! Love the fun card and you look amazing in your wedding photos! What a lovely couple you make!

Юлія said...

Great pics :D and Happy Third Anniversary.

P.S Your brother really makes wonderful photos :D

Shirl said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary Vera, both of you look great in your wedding photos! :)

Handmade Creations by Stephanie said...

Omg You look gorgeous great pictures!!!!!Happy Anniversary and what a sweet card!!!

Khristen said...

ADORABLE card, and you two are just adorable together! Lovely wedding photos, happy anniversary! I'm sure he loved his card :)

Tiff said...

That webby ribbon is YUMMY! Your pictures are STUNNING! You look like celebs at an after-party in Hollywood! Your card...AMAZING! Love your subtle coloring and beautiful color choices :) Hope you enjoyed yourself and CONGRATS! Thanks for playing!

Monica said...

Hi Vera,

Happy Anniversary and what delightful pics those are that shared...

Sorry about the big bill... glad that you had dinner for two inspite of the bill. Lol!

This card is lovely. Love the bottom - the ribbon, I mean.

Sorry about not reading the rules of Wee Memories. Sometimes I get carried away, you know.

xxx Monica

Just Some Lines Digital Stamps said...

Happy Anniversary Vera!!! Fantastic pics, a wonderful card, and I hope your pug is feeling better :)

joy said...

Happy Anniversary, Vera! What a beautiful couple you make! And, how sweet that your hubby wants to cook your favorites for you. I love the card you made also - soft and pretty.

Tiffany said...

Big congrats on your anniversary! How fun and you both look gorgeous in the photos! Such a sweet card too!

Nancy said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your DH, Vera! Your photos are really lovely, you both look so happy. Life is not always perfect...so happy you had a nice anniversary dinner in spite of the vet bill!

Ayana Posadas said...

Such a sweet post! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures, Vera. Congrats to you both. You two look like such a happy couple. Hope you enjoy your anniversary! :)

Jay Gee said...

Gorgeous photos and Happy Anniversary Vera. Sweet card too, love that sentiment and the web ribbon.

mum of two said...

What a beautiful project! I love the image you chose those little hedgehogs are so cute! Your wedding pics are gorgeous, and I hope you have a wondeful anniversary. Thanks for playing with us this week at Paper Playtime!


Alice Wertz said...

Happy Anniversary!! beautiful wedding photos. you are a beautiful couple! =) yeah, trust me, we KNOW how much a pet x-ray costs!!! seriously?? why don't they just go rub the bank?? =) LOVE the texture the mash ribbon created and the sentiment is soooooo sweet! beautiful card, Vera!! hope Ollie feels better soon!

Andrea6760 said...

Happy Belated Anniversary Vera! Your wedding pictures are lovely and you look so beautiful and you both look so happy! Your brother did a great job with the photos.

Im so glad to hear that Ollie (Dollar...lol..I love that!) is A-OK. Its so sad when you arent sure what might be wrong because they cant tell us, but Im glad to hear he is going to be alright.

Your anniversary card is adorable and the hedgehogs of Penny Black are one of my favorite characters. Love that ribbon too.

Hope you are having a fantastic day and thanks for sharing.


Deirdre said...

Vera, belated happy anniversary. Those photos of yourself and hubby and beautiful. Glad to hear that you little cutie - Ollie is doing okay. Laughed at the bits about changing his name to Dollar! hee hee!

Sending hugs to you., Dee

Vera Rhuhay said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary ,Vera! Gorgeous wedding photo! Your anniversary card is super adorable :)

Jinny Newlin said...

Happy anniversary, Vera! What gorgeous pics, and your card is so sweet! Gush all you want! It's so nice to see people in love!


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