Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random Thoughts & Sending Sunshine

I think right now I kind of going through some creativity burn out. This past month, I had a few weeks to complete some projects and during those weeks eventhough I sketch & plan what I want to make, I didn't have the desire to create at all. Till the day before the dateline. Somehow when I am under pressure, suddenly the alarm in my head goes off, and here came all the inspirations.

I am definitely a procrastinator. Often wait till the last minute. In high school and college when there's an exam, I don't study till a day or two before the test. I'd rather woke up at 4 in the morning to study the day of the exam than studying a week before. The pressure helped me focus. Any of you like that?

Anyway, back to my un-inspired moments. I've been feeling so blah (creativity wise) this past month. I did manage to complete my projects because of the last minute burst of inspirations, but when that's done, I crashed. Back to the un-inspired mode. And... my blog get neglected again. 

Today, I received this cute new release image from Some Odd Girl. Decided to play, color, and fussy cut it, still kind of dragging my feet. Found an old card that I didn't really like, toying with it, start to pull it apart, and as I break it apart, the border part landed by my newly colored image. A little excitement happened in my head as a design come together and this happen. :)

It's been a while where I feel happy with the card I made. And I am definitely very happy with this card. Because this card is truly represent my style. The cheerful colors and the clean design is sooo me. White background, check. Fun color, check. Fussy cut, check. No frou-frou layering, check. L.O.V.E 

I think trying to keep up with all the challenges out there also can get too much from time to time. Right now, I just made this card just because. No challenge. Simply playing and creating. And with that... I am sending sunshine your way. :) 


AnitaRex said...

HI Vera I really like your card too! It's sooo cute! And I hear ya on the challenges I prefer to create just for me! Sometimes it just fits into a challenge too! :> Hope your mojo comes back soon!

Andrea6760 said...

Hi Vera,
You literally described ME when you were talking about procrastinating and being in a creative funk. I have been neglecting my blog also, and waiting until the last minute to make some necessary cards the past month or two. Maybe its the weather??

I love your card and it really is YOU!! Simple, clean but has that talent of yours shining through. I hope this is the beginning of a turn of the creative block and you share more of your wonderful creations with us.


Kristy said...

Love the fun the nice and fun CAS style! So glad you are enjoying your winnings!

Barb said...

I'm a procrastinator too, Vera. Have been all my life. And it's for the same reason too. I work best under pressure and a deadline. I love your sweet card and I also know what you mean when it just seems to be easier if you're playing for no reason. It doesn't hurt to receive new stamps either! Hugs to you, sweet girl! :)

Jay Gee said...

So cute Vera, this is an adorable card.

Disp6194 said...

I'm absolutely a procrastinator :) I always do my best work under pressure. I'm so glad you made a card that made you happy. It also made me happy because it's super cute!

Alice Wertz said...

i am definitely the kind that likes working ahead. i like the feeling of knowing that i am ahead of the deadline and can relax as it approaches. =) so glad to hear that you enjoyed making this card and it's fabulous and so YOU! love love the CAS design. super card, Vera!

Miss Reith Jerevinan said...

long time to visit....

and yes, procrastinator rocks!
as always the card is sooo cute =)


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