Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CHA 2011 Final Report

 While at CHA, I did manage to take 3 classes. I took Copic, ZIG, and book binding with Echo Park. Have to say, book binding is not my thing. I'll stick to scrapbooking & card making. I have enough stuff in my craft room and for me those small books are clutters. It  just me, though.

At the ZIG class, I did find some more fun stuff to use for coloring. They have this new Clean Brushable pens, that works kind of like coloring pencil. Your can brush your stamp with it, then using watercolor brush brush along the lines to pull or spread the colors for watercolor effect. Super cool. I ordered a 12 set and  they gave me some samples as well. Will make a post for this technique as soon as I can.

They also have alcohol ink and the price are definitely more reasonable than Copic, but since I already have a Copic collection, I'll stick with Copic.

Then, let's see, more fun pics. LOL, are you tired yet looking at tons of pics? Well, today is my last CHA post. First up, is the Amy Tangerine collection at American Crafts booth. So fun & lots of pretty texture.

Amy Tangerine collection for American Crafts. Yummie-licious.

I don't share many scrapbook layouts on my blog here, but I do love scrapbooking. I have quite a few scrapbooking idols. One of  them is the fabulous Kelly Purkey. I love her fun style and not only that, I also love following her travel adventures. She also has moved States more often than anybody I know and I admire that. I often want to try living in other States, but so far hasn't been able to do so. So thrilled that I finally get to meet her.

With Kelly Purkey.

Kelly is also has very good taste in fashion 9if you follow her blog, you know what I am talking about) and I was so honored when she commented on how she loves my outfit. The rare occasion I wear a skirt and being all stylish. Later she even repeat the compliment on FB because she couldn't remember whether she mentioned that to me or not. Hah... sorry, I am gushing here..., but seriously to be complimented on my fashion choice by Kelly is a big deal. :)

Well, there I went all over the place. Earth to Vera, back to CHA. While I was at Studio Calico booth chatting with Kelly, I also took quite a few pic of layouts that they have One of my favorite is this one, made by the talented Susan Weinroth.

Layout sample at Studio Calico booth by Susan Weinroth. I adore that blue pattern paper.

Next, I found La-La Land Crafts booth. I recognize some of their images, but I am not too familiar with this line. They do have cute stamps, though.

Samples galore at La-La land Crafts booth. Cute stamps!
 What I love about  meeting blog friends is that even though you don't see them often, when you do it's like you see each other all the time. I met Lynette last year at CHA Super Show. She's a member of Lawn Fawn DT and Lawnscaping DT. So happy I get to catch up with her again and to work with her on Lawnscaping.
With my Lawnscaping team mate, the fabulous Lynette

On the last day, I actually ended up working at Love My Tapes booth. The owner remembered me from last year Super Show and asked me if I could help out working on the booth on the last day. Since I do use their products and pretty familiar with their stuff, I thought why not. Brush up on my sales skill here. :) And, silly me, I forgot to take pics of the booth. This is the only pic I manage to get, with Shemaine (she on My Little Show Box) who also used to work for Love My Tapes.

With Shemaine whom I met through Gallery Idol 2010.

I also manage to swing by to CHA Super show for an hour. it was nothing like last year super show at all. I only stop by to say hi to Paulina at Denami booth and got a few dies from My Favorite Things. CHA was lots of fun, but by Friday, I was ready to go home to hubby and my babies. When I arrived in Chicago I was greeted by heat wave and when I was ready to go home, it was pouring cats and dogs. My flight was delayed for over 3 hours. At least, I was grateful that the flight didn't get cancelled.

Anyway, now that we are through with CHA, it's time to go back to card making. I can't remember whether I have shared this card or not, but here's my card for today. :)

 And, I have a fun announcement next week. Can't share it yet, but let just say I have a fun new adventure waiting. There will be lots of cuteness and it makes me practice coloring even more. Stay tune and stay cool!


Renee V said...

Loved viewing your CHA pics with all the fabulous and talented ladies such as yourself :) Beautiful card!

Lin said...

Hi Vera - looks like you had lots of fun at CHA! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and thoughts!

yyam said...

Such a sweet card! And what fun you must have had at CHA! :)

Alice said...

i love reading and seeing all your CHA posts. Thanks so much for sharing and you look fabulous, girl! =) congrats on your new DT gig with Lawnscaping, too! =)

Anonymous said...

Wow Vera! Loved all your CHA picks! Looks like you had so much fun! TFS. Wish i could have gone!

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