Monday, December 5, 2011

Lawnscaping Challenge

Hello and welcome to a new Lawnscaping challenge. This time we are sponsored by the generous Simon Says Stamp ad our challenge is to create a tag or treat bag.

I decided to go with tag using the bear from Pum-Ra-Pum-Pum set. And what I love about my tag, whoever receive it, can also use it as ornament afterwards. :) Added some glitter for some glitz.

Check out what the DT gals created for this challenge at Lawnscaping.

I've been a bit quiet lately. Between working for submission and DT works, I also going though some other stuff at home.

This year, I have went through lots of up and down. From losing my dad, to dealing with mean people, to being laid off, and now going through unfortunate situation with hubby's employment. He hasn't received his last 2 paychecks and no, his employer didn't tell him either when the paycheck is going to be late. We had to find out the hard way, which means come paycheck day and surprise... no paycheck.

So, yeah... to say we're under stress is a mild statement. On the other hand though, I always believe that my angels always watching over me and my family. That is something that I believe with all my heart. So, even tough I am a bit stress out, at the same time I know things will work out the way it should be. 

Just like when I got laid off. It was a blessing in disguise. I was miserable at my previous employment, yet didn't dare to quit because of the economy, I was just thankful I had a job. But, you know what, I think God knows I was miserable and did it for me. Enough is enough and literally within 15 minutes after, I got a job offer. Granted it was just small contract works here and there, but at that time, I needed that.

And now, I have a part time job working with someone who truly appreciate my skills. And my back finally healed from all the back stabbing & bullying I endured. Yes people, bullying don't just happen at school, it happen at work as well. And yes, I am beyond relief that it's behind me now. Right now, I cannot see yet where the road lead us, but I know that we'll be okay. Just have to go through some rough patch first. Can't see the rainbow unless you go through the rain, right? 

Card making help keep  me sane. :) I thank you for the friendship.

Update on the card drive, we're finalizing things and we'll announce winners hopefully sometime this week. Have a blessed Monday everyone!


Trinh said...

Adorable tag, Vera! I'm so sorry to hear about John's problem with his employer. And what a way to find out! I will keep the 2 of you in my prayers.

Alice Wertz said...

too cute! darling ornament, Vera! so glad to hear that those bad experiences are not affecting you anymore. sending you big hugs and i know things only gets better from here! =)

Brenda said...

Hi Vera. Life has so many bumps in the road hey! But, in general, we always come out stronger and wiser. I am sorry that you still going through a rough passage, but I really hope and pray that things get better very soon! I really love your cute little tag ornament today!

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

THis is so cute! I'm happy to read that things are going well for you, we would never know what having a good day is until we've had a couple of bad ones!

~amy~ said...

adorable tag...sorry to hear about the paycheck situation...that's HORRIBLE!

Laurel said...

What a cute tag Vera! Love it has a multi purpose too! I am so sorry of the troubles with your hubbies work. I am not sure it is even legal to withhold a paycheck... I hope they get their act together soon!!!!!!


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